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Dark chocolate

Hello, love and loving people!

As it happens, these days time is not enough for me, today I run one mnoooogo quick and easy recipe for something sweet, black and melting in the mouth. Chocolate on February 14th, what else?

Stir the mixture of eye and hand, so today will be fine without accurate weights :) Let's say that the kitchen everything is allowed, and even something you do not get the first time, you know that only after 2-3 attempts now everything will be just fine with one swing of the arm to the cabinet. :)

  • tahini
  • bean meal and / or cocoa powder
  • sesame
  • Maca powder
  • oat milk (very little to dilute the mixture)
  • coconut (for rolling)

Mix everything except the coconut in a blender and whip until a coarse mixture candy. Shape by hand as desired and cover with coconut. Allow to firm in the fridge for at least one hour.

Optional garnish with raw nuts, raw cocoa beans.

Do not forget to love and wish you a warm, cozy, peaceful and harmonious evening.

Photo Diana: Svetoslav Koshutanski

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  1. Camellia

    Homemade chocolate without animal products is bliss. I still have some memories of the taste of another - Buy, milk, and I can not imagine it will ever begin to miss. All my relatives as I do love chocolate, usually use interesting shapes. So joy to the senses becomes even greater.
    And the usual question: "But what do you eat?", I said, "It's good stuff ;) '

  2. Didi

    Yes :)
    Finally, the idea of ​​chocolate to contain cocoa butter, cocoa mass, cocoa powder ... everything else seems like unnecessary conceit :) Especially sugar - not!
    Good luck with the preparation of a more delicious and healthy treats for you and your family!

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