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Food for human

Often in the debate on food hear the statement: "Man is an omnivorous creature, and for centuries has eaten meat and animal products because it has survived the adverse conditions." Or something like: "People raise and kill animals for food and fur, when they are not in good conditions and no other to eat."

All right. Surely someone has learned to hunt and forced to use his intellect to create and produce weapons and traps for animals. But in the 21st century we talk about survival and dominance of the fittest? Still, in some more remote parts of the world, but not a word about our latitudes it today.

Are we omnivores is quite controversial and even medicine does not want to recognize what kind of Physiology own. That we can eat something does not mean you should eat it, right. Thus we can eat and sand, paper, wallpaper, fabric .. but no one makes it and would not bring any benefit. Even assuming that we omnivores, why nature invented human anatomy in that perfect way that has nothing to do with instinct and physiology of wild carnivores? For me, today's media diet is a very twisted view of what nature has offered us for our food and energy. Accepted norm for me to eat meat and dairy products 2-3 times a day, highly refined, processed food many times with almost no nutritional value is tantamount to deny nature itself, to deny yourself.

And I'm not ungrounded, be brief comparison of the physiology of carnivorous, herbivorous and man. In this connection, I always think about the classic example - give a little fluffy baby bunny and juicy, ripe apple. Which will play around and what to eat? Still say intuition does not lie :)

Carnivores: They have sharp front teeth for tearing meat.

Herbivorous: They blunt teeth.

Man: Have blunt teeth.

Carnivores: They have a very poorly developed salivary glands, as the meat does not need pre-digestion.

Herbivorous: Well developed salivary glands, needed to pre-digest grains and fruits.

Man: Well developed salivary glands, needed to pre-digest grains and fruits.

Carnivorous: Acidic saliva free pitalin that is required for pre-digestion of grains and fruits.

Herbivorous: Alkaline saliva containing pitalin that is required for pre-digestion of grains and fruits.

Man: Alkaline saliva containing pitalin that is required for pre-digestion of grains and fruits.

Carnivorous: no flat molars required to chew food.

Herbivorous: They have flat molars necessary for grinding food.

Man: They have flat molars necessary for grinding food.

Carnivorous: Strong stomach acid needed to eaten meat and bones.

Herbivorous: stomach acid is ten times weaker than that of carnivores.

Man: stomach acid is ten times weaker than that of carnivores.

Carnivorous: digestive tract is only three times longer than the body and allows rapid rotting meat to be discarded by the body.

Herbivorous: gastrointestinal tract is six to ten times longer than the body (plant food is digested more slowly than meat, so I can stay longer in the gut).

Man: digestive tract is six times longer than the body.


And where you find yourself?

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  1. Vanya

    exactly right!
    Didi, immediately post! Except some carnivores will not even bother to read it ...

  2. Didi

    The table has it in many places on the internet, in books, I've seen quite a few years ago. And it is not difficult to see yourself and reflect on the differences. Not accidentally, most people abhor raw and bloody meat and aversion to the act of murder. Because it's unnatural! And you can not bring pleasure to mental health person. This is the most unnatural thing in the world.
    For example I see my cat follow birds through the window. Posture, concentration, eye ... it's instinct that a man never has had, just because animals act as unconscious with a specific "program". More natural for us would be to enjoy the birds singing or envy them for their wings .. but not to rent them for pleasure. Not that what we did.

  3. Petko

    I read it, along with several similar articles. Nobody says we're carnivores, omnivores just that avoided mentioning in this and similar articles on it. It may not look like a bear, but even vegans can not deny that look like monkeys and especially chovekopodbnite, all of which are widely omnivorous with the exception of the gorilla, which has developed a strong lower jaw to chew all plant food. Such jaw had and people, but it disappeared once they begin to cook your food and eat meat. People have been primarily herbivorous, but become omnivores number of reasons. People are very youthful looking that far not reached the limit of its development and that we have begun to use new sources of food, but we can not digest them properly yet, does not mean you have to stop them in practice this its a step backwards in evolution. Remains whales return to shore. People were in the best case 100,000 years to evolve as omnivores, which is anything from an evolutionary standpoint. The purpose of any kind is to survive as more types of food can be used, the better. Vegans want to restrict much of this food somehow does not look natural in my opinion. Then I will say we are killing animals feel pain, living in poor conditions ... someone always prosper in a foreign back and this is inherent in all life, be it plants, fungi, or people of course. Certainly I agree that it is better to watch the cows in small farms and pasture, but this apparently does not work well enough economical point of view, unfortunately. Another fun calling the dead meat, so their is no denying just that and you do not feed on the lawn, it is best to chat you know Pat. And the plants begin to rot immediately after break. Instead, teach others and explain how great you are, go on the road you have chosen, without forgetting that more than once always! And one more thing ... If it's so bad place, why the hell is so delicious! I have not ever heard a deer steaks Ruffalo to ...

  4. Didi

    Petko, many people do not tasty. I think I confused the concepts. Like salt, spices, salad, soscheto ... and so on. I've never seen anyone eat raw meat with blood and claims that it was delicious (and those can be, but mass?).
    Me do my funny why after any such article with facts, someone is going to affect that "we explain how great" :) No, that's that.
    Yes, we are omnivores in the sense that we are still young evolutionary appearance, but again - that we can, does not mean it is naturally suited for us. Moreover, express opinions clearly to me is that there is always disagree, and there are many ways.
    Taste reform characters and everything. Just try to eat only meat, such as boiled, no spices, nothing else, and see for yourself whether you would usladi and how long it will last, whether it will become heavy, uncomfortable, and so on. As in nature, predators consume it immediately and sissy men averse from entrails, feces, blood, secretions, brain and eyes .. Well that's corpse, with all impurities that stores neatly hidden in chistichka packaging. Let people catch and kill an animal to tear it apart and eat while still "hot" and there would be no need of such articles, and cases.
    Peace there! :)

  5. Didi

    "The goal of any species is to survive, the more types of food you use, the better. Vegans want to restrict much of this food somehow does not look natural, I think. "
    You like living in Bulgaria hardly starving and your goal is to survive by shooting pigeons off the balcony. All species know exactly what kind of food to survive without someone to show it to them, just know. Only we strolled somewhere, but let's not talk just to survive in these conditions, because it is not real.
    And vegans what they want. First is a very fair way to summarize people, but to say that we want violence and the right to life for all beings, because it is now much easier than ever before - have food, clothes, furniture, cosmetics and chemicals from natural materials that do not have anyone to suffer and die. Is it so difficult to be a little more responsible? Livestock is a huge pollutant wastes resources in incredible size, creates human disease because all chemistry, GMO crops, unhygienic living conditions, forced way of killing - and after all this, there is a taste most importantly, spoiled several buds on the tongue . Well, for me this is not serious and responsible position statement.

  6. Vanya

    Unfortunately the taste on the plate is more easily understood from the violence of far away destinations ... km example.
    Delicious and cheap (why do ....) meat are close to us, not in Africa or South America.
    I think people who nasrichat themselves "carnivores" are small mistake ... I mean it normal to eat meat 3-4 times a month, not every day, two times!!

    Because if you carnivores eat meat in this range, hardly hunger for bodies would be in such dimensions. Would still eat meat, but there would be such an industry, which I think is exactly probelma!
    But, the meat is pretty darn tasty, and so let's look at cows area meter per meter! You taste is most important!

  7. Mine

    How long do monkeys are omnivores? I know that they ate a raw diet plodoyadtsi. Do you have any literature describing the monkeys as omnivores?

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