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Sometimes a hurry ..

Quite difficult every day to prepare fresh, homemade food, especially when you go to work. Surely not prefer the finished salads and hot dishes from the windows, but sometimes at a great shopping 2-3 times a month.

Unfortunately, Bulgaria is not yet a varied and high quality vegan food. Selection is relatively small, but we usually take the same - dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, grilled eggplant, potato salad, olives, mustard, sauces ready. Frying and grilling vegetables always takes me a lot of time and nerves.

Because they are especially useful to admit, usually combined with fresh vegetables - whatever is - peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, radishes.

So in everyday life, sometimes we go for takeout shop, but do not cook, and takes us all the free time to rest and loved ones.

Rest full!

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  1. Kristina

    taka e, vse barzame i nqmame vreme za gotvene, az naposledak sam se vidqla v 4udo, da6terq mi i tq iska da e vegan i ne znam kakvo da i gotvq, te nqmam vreme i kara na salati, spageti, sheikove ... strahuvam se da ne obarkam ne6to, 4e tq e podrastva6ta, sega e na 14, da nqma lipsa na vajni elementi ... Edna priqtelka e vegan ot 15 god. i kogato re6i da zabremenee ima6e problem, ima6e lipsa na ne6to si tam ... sega hapva riba i pile ot vreme na vreme, az nqmam nikakvo namerenie da se predam, interesno mi e drugite roditeli kak se spravqt ...

  2. Didi

    I think actually it is practically impossible to obtaining all necessary as constituents / nutrients on a daily basis. That's why more and more people turn to dietary supplements and super foods. I think it is advisable, especially for vegans and vegetarians to obtain a complete protein - Spirulina and other algae, hemp protein and energy super foods, I personally prefer maca and cacao beans (raw, organic).
    For children, I can not express my opinion because I have experience. Anyone can have deficits with whatever food and live. I think it is important to do research at least 1-2 times a year purely prophylactic because gaps can not feel them and months.
    Everything else is an individual, so it's important for more people to share their experience, anyone can pay him valuable information so that you feel better and mentally healthy.

  3. Very light

    We deal somehow. :) Do not go to work, however. I help my husband from us, and whatever I can.
    Increasingly, lose the desire to explain and share. Dating accusations and misunderstandings mockery ... waste energy to read how abused shared.
    Here's how I read these days is not serious we take our parents to some deficiencies, especially for children. Again referring to the great vitamin B12. I never realized that deficits can be omnivorous and even in children.
    And despite all this said, because there are people who are really excited seriously. And the creator of this site I like it and respect her :);) And and I wish one day when her children has to be prepared in this regard, education and nutrition of children under its views. :)
    My daughter only prepare food for school. Morning does not eat us. We have tried several times, but does not. It's at 6.30-7h and comes later in 7.40. Once I was so nasty to me, only that I eat so early, but with small co ... pressure from parents and grandmother would eat his breakfast. So do not tell me as a force that does not want to eat. He prefers to do exercises. Eat at school at 9am to fruit-200gr. I rarely give anything muesli-type cereal or crackers with vegetable milk / tea or cracker smeared with something. At noon eat a variety of things. Salad sprouts and seeds or nuts. Burgers with vegetables, veggie nori rolls, toast smeared with a paste and vegetables and guacamole, hummus and vegetables + still do, things kind of stuffed vine-leaves or other. Some cooked (heat-treated) veggie dish where rice or potatoes or beans or quinoa and vegetables again. Sometimes pizza or pie. In uichlishte is forbidden to carry nuts, but they mean peanuts (whole and peanut butter). I do not use this, so prepare other nut things. I've never complained that hungry or that is not comfortable with my stuff. Even sometimes I returned because it was a lot. Drink lots of water, tea also dairy milk sometimes.
    And yes, sometimes algae and put in salad. A while back this afternoon and make a rich cream with fruits and nuts and seeds, coconut, spirulina, maca, cacao crumbs or pollen. Or make granola from sprouted buckwheat porridge ... or pressed nut or something else sprouted. They put raisins and goji berries or any other dried fruit. Plus some other stuff still involved in the cream. Put in muesli and spices-ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg.
    But as hope and grandmother came to visit us in the near future, we are considering to dine with us. School is a 5-10 minute walk from us.
    My son I see it.

  4. Milen

    Didi, if all goes according to plan, there will be very soon where one not only eat, but also to rest for a few days awoke in the morning to the smell of freshly dried crackers and for happy voice and bile of various household pets - chickens, pigs, etc . etc. who calmly walk around the garden and walk around the yard confidently knowing that they are not facing a similar fate, or knife ;)

    All in good time, so be patient :)

  5. Didi

    Great people and thank you for the comments! That last sounds like a utopian village in the mountains, eco wooden house and possibly wireless internet : P In any case, positive examples is always welcome.

  6. Very light

    We will see where it is, or mountain morentse. ;) Or both. Importantly, there is an idea. And I hope not just utopia. :) )))

  7. Didi

    I wish you success any plans! :)

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