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Quick and outdoors

I have not traveled and looking at old photos I remembered the familiar old "problem" of traveling people who have little to nothing to buy from stores and gas stations, and restaurants for all we know no especially if you are far from urban.

And that's where the good old come and sandwiches are usually put together with materials at hand. There is nothing special in these preparations, but it is always comforting outside, and generally feel more secure with a bag from home, not some pacifiers packed with questionable content.

What is normally used for a quick bite on the go outdoors? Or it may not rush :) Outside, everything is nice, it was the simplest sandwich in a napkin. What we need:

  • Hard bread, dense enough to not crumble
  • something spreads usually extra virgin olive oil
  • food stuffing, mostly tofu, lightly grilled in the case of dried spices
  • fresh vegetables any way you like - tomatoes, peppers, parsley, etc.
  • salting of toast - olives, olive paste, capers, pickled peppers, etc.

The other thing is abundantly clear, and depends entirely on your imagination and desire :)

Nice holiday!

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