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For women and sweet

Recently, with friends discussing the eternal theme of mood and sweet. For countless chocolate and candy bars, known and unknown, that are laden stores.

I always thought that a chocolate and sweets is a myth, and I gave him special credibility. I myself am hardly eat sweets and chocolate quite rare. Natural, dark, 75 percent or more cocoa. And to complement what it often - at least once a week. It turns out that shokoladomaniyata for women is not a myth! And not just for women.

So this sweet talk my opponents enthusiastically explained to me how "not" without something cute and it literally every day! However I can not accept it and believe sugar industry apparently no chance to fail. And what stuns me more is the statement: "I can not eat chocolate, I'm not cute!" Well! The idea of ​​eating chocolate is cocoa, not white, bad, and refined sugar, spices, sweetened whey dubious origin and whatnot. Obviously I'm no woman. I never drank coffee with sugar.

My idea for this post is to remember a well known truth - almost everything that is sold in stores contain harmful white sugar or sweeteners, obscure ingredients, artificial flavors, and in most cases far from vegan or raw. Run away from me to "lecture" to all my friends addicted to chocolate and candy, but I want to remind them that there is much more beneficial and natural way to get the daily amount of sweetness. For fruit and honey will not explain in detail, I think there is clear. Thereafter we can already prepare a variety of desserts at home and just forget about white sugar anyway I never used.

Get a dried fruit, nuts, and coconut oil can easily cook different kinds of raw candy. Home Chocolate is made effectively by coconut and cocoa butter, cocoa powder and whatever your imagination even suggest - nuts, seeds, dried fruits, super foods, spices such as vanilla and cinnamon. I know that most people will immediately say how they have no time, but it is a matter of organization and believe me, does not take much time. One homemade desserts such dates are sweet enough without the need of any other sweetener. If you do not want to use honey can try different types of molasses, maple syrup or stevia. At worst, brown unrefined sugar. Take 15-20 minutes, nothing shiny package can not compete with homemade cake!

The picture we have seemingly one chocolate brownies, but it is carrot cake with bean flour and nuts. Sprinkle with dried cranberries. Recipe can not give, because I've never done, baking is not my indulge. But I want to show it as an example of delicious, homemade treat without white sugar, cocoa and animal products. If you give your cakes can easily replace animal milk with rice, oat or soy as an alternative. Everything else is a matter of taste.

Consider, ladies, what corporations earn from your relentless hunger for candy chocolate and what you actually spend. And for plenty of ideas: sweets and fruits .

Enjoy your meal :)

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