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Spoiled strawberries

How do you deal with winter depression? Or have these problems? Let's face it, the lack of light and heat, and lack of exercise, bad influence on our general mood. Falling tone weakens our immune system and begin to spin some dark thoughts out of our heads, present and future. I sincerely hope you do not have such moments and to be healthy, happy and energetic, but I suppose that every individual is going to "fall" into the trap of depression, especially this time of year. What is the solution? There is hardly a universal recommendation, but for all those delicate situation need a great deal of self-control, I guess. To maintain your body with movement and fresh, raw food, to maintain social contacts, even minus degrees outside.

Indeed, this is no time for walking, especially at night when most people are free after work. But it is necessary to close the home alone at the computer or TV. Recently, my friend called to organize house parties so that more could be called a lot, not a party, but I want to emphasize the social element :) Restaurants and bars are generally not interesting to us, so we prefer to see a guest with friends and prepare tea and fresh food.

The last two times we went in themed evenings - sushi and pizza. The truth is that many of our friends did not vegetarians and often mixed companies collect from people spilling most tastes. I say this because I truly believe, and I think different people and especially friends must be tolerant with each other, to respect one another and if the food is prepared in mixed company, it should not be a cause for quarrel. Many times I have read posts on forums absurd that vegans almost no social life because nothing and nowhere can eat and drink when you go to a restaurant or a guest. Pretty shallow statement! When we collect typically wear some appropriate food or any attempt to prepare a place so everyone is happy. Have prepared sushi with avocado and cucumber and vegan pizza is gorgeous! Even so accumulated a thick layer of plant products, it would be a sin to grated cheese or something non-veggie. Importantly mushrooms and corn have :) A recipe is simple - to make homemade batter of flour, peas, and everything else is a matter of products - tomato sauce, peppers, mushrooms, corn, peas, olives and fresh tomatoes. Sound fields with a Oregano course :)

But back to the strawberries. The fact is that we now can easily find any fresh fruit and vegetables outside of their season. And the whole idea of ​​it is not good for a number of reasons. Once because of environmental factors, and the taste is not very natural. In mnooooogo rare occasions when I've bought similar products, my idea was to do something concrete and in particular the exception. In other words pampering. Do not know if this is a very useful method to grips with winter depression, but it is beautiful to the eye and very, very tasty. What we need:

  • 200 g fresh strawberries
  • 3 large oranges
  • 1 small pineapple
  • 100 g raw almonds
  • 5-6 tablespoons molten cocoa mass
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 50 g coconut

It is advisable to soak the almonds overnight advance.

First melt in a water bath coconut oil and cocoa paste.

Cut oranges in half, carve and take flesh. Do not throw away anything that is sinful Clean pineapple and cut it into cubes. Wash strawberries. Almonds broken into chunks.

Make a mixture of the inner part of the orange and pineapple and fill half of the pastry to about half. Pour liquid cocoa mass and sprinkle with almonds. Top arrange strawberries and sprinkle with coconut.

If you want to be inside in the solid state, leave stuffed oranges for one hour in the refrigerator and eat chilled treat.

Love and enjoy!

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  1. Fondle

    Great offer Dianche! I'll send you half the store :) Go on in the same spirit with these beautiful recipes!

  2. Didi

    And you will not give a depression, right! If the spouse has difficulty products can pass with a simple and cocoa powder :)

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