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United colors of Saturday and Sunday

If you are wondering why I write so often here and gone where my enthusiasm for cooking, it is a trivial reasons is that my only free time available daylight is very fast passage presence on Saturday and Sunday. That is, even if you do some stuff home for dinner, then most of my attempts to photograph with / without flash unfortunate evening usually ends quickly, quickly quit. Eat your bedside lamp or candles ;) .

And not that all have claims for who knows what images of food, but try and have always been of the opinion that the food before anything has to feed the eyes, and the more colorful and live better. That is why the love salads, so try when we eat, use different kinds of vegetables, a variety of colors that just bring you pleasure. Not only taste, but also aesthetic.



And because I believe few people have the time and desire to spend long hours in the kitchen to prepare complex and fancy dishes, then my food is simple, simple, love the clean and cut some vegetables with spices and pulses, everything think of and currently there is no need for endless rotation around the stove or table processing.


Often make pasta, which you concoct separately and vegetable do part of what you find at the moment. One exemplary paste / penne /, which is easy and suitable for warm weather, combined with lightly grilled zucchini and carrots, optionally seasoned with dill, a little olive oil, natural tofu. Any other vegetables of summer are, of course, welcome.

Mix pasta with grilled vegetables and add fresh cherry tomatoes for freshness and beauty. :)

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