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Colour of Cinnamon to visit Green Earth


A few days ago courtesy of Shop Green Earth did a culinary meeting where I told a little more about the idea of the site, things that inspire me and rejoice, and of course all of this was accompanied by a modest tasting as time and space allow . :)

I would again like to thank everyone who came and listened carefully. :) And you write short plateaus recipes that I made, because everything is over thanks to the guests staying less even after hours ;) which can only make me happy that you like.

My idea was to prepare three different types of fabric by showing that plant food is infinite in variety as we can freely move between the two extremes of a more accessible, local, seasonal, and less expensive food, which would be suitable for daily use, and an alternative to more exotic, unconventional, and includes products from different parts of the world, which could be prepared for a rare and special cases, so you do not fertilize much ezhedvnevnite budget and commitments. The third plate was like a dessert course very sweet but fresh, with no added sugar, no animal products, fully accessible and easy to prepare.

I can not explain why I found a picture of a bean pate bites, but let's say you will be Zivko model and proof of its existence. ;) Boiled a big, giant beans - white and brown - and did paste it together with home dried peppers and dried mint. Of course, the recipe undergoing improvements and additions, but I decided not to overdo it with unnecessary spices or oil. Spreadable pate on sourdough rye bread and sliced ​​pickled peppers home with different colors and sizes. You say home not because they themselves are their own vegetable garden, but because my parents generally live in NPP and prepare yourself every summer many of our winter supplies - Cooking tomatoes, pickles, spicy variety or compotes. So that was the idea of ​​a simple and local dish that is quick and easy with virtually handy products and spices (of course - quick, did not include cooking the beans, because this time I chose not to use canned).

My idea for a slightly rotated and specific dish was born while browsing what other products are my cabinets and saw that I have a bag of pine nuts and the so-called "miso" or fermented soybean paste. Represent themselves bites stuffed with dried tomatoes from my so-called gourmet miso melted cheese and nuts.

Pate is made from raw shelled sunflower seeds and some pine nuts roughly in the ratio of 3:1 as the seed is good to be soaked in water for a few hours in advance. Then grind it in a blender with miso and fresh spinach for flavor and color. Optionally you can add more salt, lemon, or other spices. Soak tomatoes themselves are also a little water to soften and garnish with fresh parsley. Just so easy!

The thing, however, is undoubtedly appeal to everyone was very simple and easy to prepare. Just bought a box of natural fresh dates, pitted and waved them in the middle razryazoh. The resulting boat filled with natural tahini and sprinkled with cinnamon and carob. That's it! Nothing complicated, expensive or difficult to find. And what dates clash with cinnamon ... ❤

A good weekend for me to wish for more occasions for eeeeeeey-such big smiles! : D

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  1. Michaela

    Thank you for meeting colorful words and experiences, Diana! It's great to see supporters. See you soon!

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