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nuts and seeds

Chocolate with almonds and hazelnuts


3 tablespoons 1 tablespoon coconut oil 2 tablespoons cocoa butter cocoa paste * 3 tablespoons Carob flour 1 tsp brown sugar 20-30 grams 20-20 grams of raw almonds raw hazelnut pinch of cinnamon pinch of vanilla Melt water bath coconut, cocoa butter and cocoa paste until it becomes liquid. Turn off the heat, slowly add [...]

Sino-spicy salad


1 pc. Chinese cabbage pickles 5-6 2-3 chillies 50 grams 50 grams almonds 2 tablespoons sunflower soy sauce parsley (optional) Wash nuts and seeds, wash them with soy sauce and baked in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Optionally you can add hot peppers to be hot. Cut cabbage, cucumbers, [...]

Three-layered cake (cold)


I did not know what to call this sweet piece, because it is something like: I pulled everything out of the cupboard and Shred tray. The idea is to get something like a cake / cake, so after tightening in the refrigerator can be cut into pieces. Here are the necessary products: Bottom layer: 150 g granola [...]

Sweet caramel


Once I bought forms for sweets and I have to admit that hardly remember to pull them out of the cupboard But look a little more elegant, not raw hazelnuts 50 g 50 g 50 g raw cashew granola (as desired) 50 g raisins 1 tablespoons melted cocoa paste 1 tbsp melted coconut oil 3-4 [...]

Crispy tempeh


I watched cooking show in which traditional Japanese cooked vegan food. I noticed that many use sesame and sesame oil. And as I've somehow adopted rate for Asian products it can offer like this one version of Japanese salad, lightly Bulgarian equivalent of tomatoes and fresh parsley. 4-5 fillets temperature [...]

Dark chocolate


Hello, love and loving people! As it happens, these days time is not enough for me, today I run one mnoooogo quick and easy recipe for something sweet, black and melting in the mouth. Chocolate on February 14th, what else? Stir the mixture of eye and hand, so today will fix [...]

Spoiled strawberries


How do you deal with winter depression? Or have these problems? Let's face it, the lack of light and heat, and lack of exercise, bad influence on our general mood. Falling tone weakens our immune system and begin to spin some dark thoughts out of our heads, present and future. I sincerely hope you [...]

Salad with almonds and fresh vegetables


Crushed almond paste, which previously stole an idea from somewhere Recipe Magician, where our raw chefs offer an alternative to the classic salad with tuna. Totally raw and vegan of course. 200 g raw almonds (pre-soaked for 8 hours or overnight) 1 red bell pepper 2 tablespoons olive oil pinch of salt 100 g [...]

Almond oil


A charming but very calorie snack. I had a great desire to prepare homemade almond butter, which unfortunately does not work fine, maybe because of the size of my blender. But that did not stop the wonderful flavor, especially in the company of meaty slices of banana. 1 banana 1 tablespoon Sugar beet molasses 200 g raw [...]

Drink sesame


This bittersweet pleasure can replace your morning coffee, or if you are a fan like me, you can just add a few drops of brewed coffee aroma. What you'll need: 200 grams of raw sesame 150-200 ml filtered water 1 tsp Sugar beet molasses 1 tsp cocoa beans, sesame seeds Soak overnight [...]

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