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dips and pates

Fresh bites of cucumber and 2 types of pesto


You will not write weights because the photo was taken a long time and I do not remember how much bread is used. On him - could be on a different bread or cracker cured of your choice and opportunity. bread cucumber optional sprig fresh rosemary pesto 1 species (in cucumber): raw peeled sunflower [...]

Fresh vegetables with mayonnaise, almonds


It's easy. Furthermore, it is faster and more quickly eats Just remember to soak the almonds the night before. 2 tomatoes 2 green peppers 3-4 mushrooms 1/2 lettuce, dill for dipa: 200 grams of raw almonds (pre-soaked overnight) 1 tsp yeast pinch of Himalayan salt 1 teaspoon herbs olive [...]

Cabbage salad with spicy sunflower pate


1 red cabbage white onion 1 head of pate: 100 g raw sunflower seeds pinch of Himalayan salt pinch of pepper 1 tsp 1 teaspoon lemon juice extra virgin olive oil is good to soak the seeds in water for a few hours in advance. Rinse and mix everything in a blender for a minute as brave. Add discretion and [...]

Aubergine pate with black beans and sprouts


I love eggplant, but rarely do at home because it goes too fat for his firing, but no suitable pan to prevent burning. Cut into large slices can be eaten as an appetizer, coated with a paste / pesto and herbs. In the case of mixed up a quick paste of cooked black beans. 2 large eggplant [...]

Fresh asparagus pesto in sunflower


More asparagus this time were green and fully raw. I admit that my patience they came a little too much, so I prefer to keep them lightly steamed or soak for a minute in boiling water. Again, the sauce is raw and very easy to prepare: 300 g green asparagus 150 g raw sunflower [...]

White asparagus with broccoli and tomato sauce


I love asparagus! Rarely do I find fresh, so their preparation is close to the category of all specialty This colorful dish is almost entirely raw, broccoli and asparagus only held for a few minutes until soft steam and become more pleasant to eat. Here's what you need: 300g fresh white asparagus 100 g fresh [...]

Crispy pizza with avocado pesto and fresh vegetables


This colorful pageant of fresh vegetables with pesto solid feel of avocado may take a little more time in the kitchen, but it is a good investment for a good spring mood, served in my view with a cup of red wine. Here are the needed items: for crust: 200 g buckwheat (pre-soaked for [...]

Tofu with hummus and olives


Delicious platter of olive salad, natural tofu and hummus, sprinkled with plenty of pepper. 100 g hummus (homemade or purchased) 100 g tofu from brine 50 grams dark (black) olives 50 g natural (brown) 2-3 cloves garlic, olives pinch of oregano pinch of salt 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 3-4 leaves of leafy green (spinach, sorrel, [...]

Raw cheese


Another proposal nutritional yeast / yeast / you can use as an alternative to dairy products. Suitable for appetizer or spreads on toast. 200 g raw almonds 1 medium head cauliflower 1 tablespoon yeast extract 1/2 lemon Soak almonds overnight and then pre-wash. Mix all ingredients in a blender [...]

Caviar and almond amaranth


Some time ago I wrote about this interesting pate / caviar small grains amaranth, but I wanted to post a version with the cooked amaranth, because the flavor is quite mild, and the texture is accomplished easier for spreading on bread or cracker. What we need: 200 g 100 g amaranth raw almonds 2 tablespoons virgin [...]

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