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and pulses

Red Bean Salad


200 cooked dark (brown or red) beans 1 lettuce 1/2 bunch of parsley pinch of salt 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp Boil balsamic vinegar beans without salt and squeeze out excess water. Wash the salad and mix everything in a deep bowl. Season with salt, olive oil and vinegar. Bon Appetit!

Kiko with olives and thyme


Kiko is a practical blend of organic quinoa and red lentils, which you can find through organic store and prepare delicious and very quick salad, main dish or soup. Its neutral taste with delicate content of carrots into small pieces, skillfully combined with a variety of vegetables, nuts, spices and sauces. What we [...]

Classic vine leaves


Traditional Bulgarian recipe - stuffed vine leaves with beans! Loves, as long as there is someone to tell them one packed pickled grape leaves (ready to eat) 300 g cooked beans (we used the dark and medium size) 1 head white onion pinch of salt 1-2 sprigs fresh mint pinch of paprika 1 tablespoons olive oil [...]

Chinese Salad


No, I have not bought anything from the Chinese restaurant, but I thought of their famous salad, soy sprouts and decided to Bulgarian version of the recipe with fresh savory and flavorful, and sprouts in the best case are - domestic 200 g sprouted yellow and green (Bio ) soybeans 4-5 cherry tomatoes 10-12 green olives 1 sprig [...]

Chickpea salad with tofu and


200 g cooked chickpeas 100 g natural tofu salad first 20 to 30 grams of radish sprouts (or other optional) 20 g sprouts small seeds (or other optional) pinch of salt pinch of pepper 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil Wash the salad and sprouts and mix it in a deep bowl. Season, pour a little [...]

Marinated Chickpea


A proposal for a delicious spicy appetizer or main course. 200 g cooked chickpeas 50 g organic sprouts (in the case of small organic seeds) 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil pinch of cayenne pepper pinch of Himalayan salt 2 green onions chopped Cut the onion and mix it in a deep bowl until the chickpeas are well seasoned [...]

Plateau with tofu and seitan


1 package seitan dark (about 100 grams) 1 package natural tofu (about 100 g) 100 g cabbage 1 head celery 1 tsp mix of dried herbs (parsley, basil, paprika, salt, etc..) 4-5 green olives 1 tsp oil Cut tofu and seitan, and roll in a little olive oil and dried herbs. Bake [...]

Crispy tempeh


I watched cooking show in which traditional Japanese cooked vegan food. I noticed that many use sesame and sesame oil. And as I've somehow adopted rate for Asian products it can offer like this one version of Japanese salad, lightly Bulgarian equivalent of tomatoes and fresh parsley. 4-5 fillets temperature [...]

Kiko with green salad


Kiko is my favorite combination of organic quinoa and red lentils. Cooking is easy, and the taste is mild and gentle, but stay sated for a long time. I love her in the company of sweet corn and fresh salad. Easy and delicious. 200 g organic mix "Kiko" 1 small tin sweetcorn pinch of salt [...]

Cabbage salad with tempeh


Crispy grilled tempeh with mustard and fresh coleslaw. 2 fillets 2 tablespoons temperature mustard 4-5 lettuce leaves 1 small cabbage 1/2 bunch of dill 1-2 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 lemon 1 tsp salt 1 tsp chili sauce (optional) grilled tempeh on skarichka until a dark tan. Serve on fresh lettuce and spicy [...]

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