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Seeds for sprouting


With biological ready mixes can grow fresh sprouts at home. Soak overnight. Rinse, drain and place in container for germination. Rinse 2 times a day for 3-4 days. More information: Green Land Left Image: Organic oatmeal with nettles

Coconut oil


Coconut oil is extracted from coconuts - the fruit of the coconut palm. Coconut oil / oil consists of more than 90% raw saturated fat - an important and valuable building material for every cell in the human body. Unlike saturated animal fats with a long carbon chain (which is often the cause of ill health), coconut [...]

Pasta and noodles Castagno


I have no preference for a particular brand for most food and goods. These noodles took Organic Green day of the exhibition in Sofia in early summer. More information about these and similar can be found here.

Crackers, Oatmeal, Mung Beans


- Vegan wholegrain crackers with quinoa flour, whole-grain aromatic sesame and pieces pink Himalayan salt. Prepared with organic products and wholemeal flour milled before use of kamennnata mill in store. Source: My Organic Market - Boiled or soaked nuts can be stored up to 12 hours in the refrigerator. The most popular way to prepare [...]

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