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Usana and Shipka


Uzana is located in the municipality of Gabrovo, at the foot of Mount Ifrit (1,524 m) in the western part of the Shipka Pass in the Central Balkan Mountains, in the heart of Bulgaria. Since 2009 the area has the status of a resort. Here is the geographical center of Bulgaria, which is measured in 1991 [...]

Which would you choose for a friend, what would you eat? Why?


Although some historians and anthropologists say that man has always been known as being omnivorous, our anatomical structure - teeth, jaws and digestive system - is more suited to a vegetarian diet. And on the subject of protein, Dr. Paavo Airola, a leading expert in the field of dietetics and natural biology, confirmed: "Studies in a number of [...]

Think of a fridge


Man in 'rich' world consumes about five times more grain than man in "poor" world, but most of our consumption is not direct - the grain is inefficient and wasteful overturned in animal products through the use of fattening animals. Huge amounts of grains and other edible plants are imported for food even [...]



I share with you part of an interesting article in Knowledge, which proves once again human greed and how far we fall into relationships of animals. If hens rebelled, they are an army, but they do not. Instead tolerate the conditions in which they are placed - clipped wings too much [...]

Walk to Lake frightening

Rila 014

Rila! Magnificent, large, free and untamed! The aim of our ascent was shelter "scary" lake. Far away but not terrible crystal clear lake in the high mountains. Located on the north shore of Lake frightening. A single storey stone building with a capacity of 16 seats. [...]

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