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Melnik / Rozhen


Happy to open the window all day today and I'm glad the February (still) winter Sun. In this Sunday lazy afternoon I decided to share some pictures from several southern Bulgarian destinations. Melnik is one of those charming small towns that rely almost entirely on tourism and sightseeing. And while it is [...]

Sunny days


I look out the window this morning I see is dark and gray skies, snow on trees, boring and dark building across the street. The room is slightly cool, but not as bad .. not out Winter is a good time to read, study or work - somewhere warm with a decent amount [...]

Batak Mountain


A walk in the early spring we visited the Rhodopes and especially the area around the Batak. Batak Mountain is part of the Western Rhodopes. Much of nature are pine forests. The area is not difficult to climb or walk, but encouraging signs asking tourists. Snow Cave is located near the town of Cave. It was discovered [...]



Pleven is the hometown of my friend. And although we have not gone much there, the place left me pleasantly surprised with the large central streets, promenades, large green parks, small ponds with boats where people come to soak up or walk their dogs. Close to the city is the place [...]

Iskar Gorge


Cherepish monastery "Assumption" is located near the station skulls in unique, with its variety of natural attractions, Iskar Gorge. It was founded during the Second Bulgarian Empire, during the reign of King Shishman (1371-1393), but was destroyed during the invasion of the Ottomans. It was restored in 1660 naming [...]

The Ocean Portugal


For a long time, my old dream was to see the ocean. No matter exactly where I love to watch the water, the great and glorious expanse. And my other dream was to see Portugal. A small part of the "end" of Europe, inexplicably so close and loving to my insights. Portugal ocean ... something that never [...]

Rila winter


Up, up, up .... freezing cold, sun and beauty. Very, very beautiful. The mountain is beautiful and dangerous. It is important to have a good winter gear, but you do not have to - layers of clothing never more. Necessarily cover the legs - thick boots, gloves, scarf, hat. Here we got the runs over [...]

Usana and Shipka


Uzana is located in the municipality of Gabrovo, at the foot of Mount Ifrit (1,524 m) in the western part of the Shipka Pass in the Central Balkan Mountains, in the heart of Bulgaria. Since 2009 the area has the status of a resort. Here is the geographical center of Bulgaria, which is measured in 1991 [...]

Walk to Lake frightening

Rila 014

Rila! Magnificent, large, free and untamed! The aim of our ascent was shelter "scary" lake. Far away but not terrible crystal clear lake in the high mountains. Located on the north shore of Lake frightening. A single storey stone building with a capacity of 16 seats. [...]

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