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Hello, Today post about a noble and humane initiative that happens for the first time in Bulgaria. I wish them success! They are a non-profit "Friends of fours." Founders are the first center in Bulgaria for animals affected by human violence registered by decision N 6484 of [...]

Which would you choose for a friend, what would you eat? Why?


Although some historians and anthropologists say that man has always been known as being omnivorous, our anatomical structure - teeth, jaws and digestive system - is more suited to a vegetarian diet. And on the subject of protein, Dr. Paavo Airola, a leading expert in the field of dietetics and natural biology, confirmed: "Studies in a number of [...]



I share with you part of an interesting article in Knowledge, which proves once again human greed and how far we fall into relationships of animals. If hens rebelled, they are an army, but they do not. Instead tolerate the conditions in which they are placed - clipped wings too much [...]

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