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Think of a fridge


Man in 'rich' world consumes about five times more grain than man in "poor" world, but most of our consumption is not direct - the grain is inefficient and wasteful overturned in animal products through the use of fattening animals. Huge amounts of grains and other edible plants are imported for food even [...]

Sometimes a hurry ..


Quite difficult every day to prepare fresh, homemade food, especially when you go to work. Surely not prefer the finished salads and hot dishes from the windows, but sometimes at a great shopping 2-3 times a month. Unfortunately, Bulgaria is not yet a varied and high quality vegan food. The choice is fairly [...]

For the purpose of this site


We live in the greatest decentralization of information is likely to exist ever since human culture. Everywhere and in every way tell us how to live, how to talk and work, what to eat and what not to think for all. Trite, but true. Why women do not like sites say it openly. Never and nowhere [...]

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