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Colorful Christmas


I know I'm not the most active "bloggers" and some new recipes sorted workshops and tables here will hardly find, but it is nice to have a place where freedom to expose their thoughts, If you need to express :) But do not accidentally say "arranged" tables - I know through space is full of beautiful and professional photos of literally .. everything, and in this course there is nothing wrong, on the contrary - I admire people who put their creativity in cooking, whether professional or amateur (same goes for photographers). But I Since most of my writing.

How do you get the Christmas break? I this day generally do not understand .. Is it because it did not fit at all in religious motifs around the date, whether it is because I'm quite bored of commercialism and kitsch shopping around, whether it is somewhere in the middle, so it does not really matter .. not my thing. What I liked, however, in late December, is the idea of ​​the new times and the new sun that somewhere quite fascinating I read through the comments, but because I can not retell, grasp the idea. Frankly .. I'm glad I went Christmas!

What I did in the kitchen, however, was ramping my little present, as long as I could find something in the store :) And here I want to interject a tiny clip because you can not miss the famous Bulgarian grub around the holidays as "last" as .. Christmas. Basically, I have to more or less tolerant person and I have long refused to develop any theories on "veganism" especially table, especially while I eat at this time. For no other reason but because of me my very annoying and unnecessary to listen successive remarks ridicule and inadequacy comments and generally prefer not to call unless someone asked me something .. cultural :) And the more I did not comment on the issue except to share my slight irritation of the behavior of non-vegetarians type "but now only what you will eat?" Or "It eats you?". October So for .. an average :) average rich person table consists of roughly chopped meat appetizers, sliced ​​cheese appetizers, possibly a pickle or salad "Snow White." There are no 4-5 stuff painfully familiar to us since we were three, done under the table. And even in the effort to prepare a hundred things to do something that is certainly your relatives have not seen even a desire to show how colorful and tasty can be anything, it somehow goes unnoticed .. despite all my tolerance and desire. I know it is a personal thing, I know it was not on purpose and I know it's not a bad feeling, even people who do not understand what I'm involved in a salad. Nor do I have bad feelings back. Just hate when things are done out of habit, because we've done all my life, not because you like it so even?

Will pass and go :) And do not fall here again meaningless discussions that do not intend to include, maybe better to write what still prepared and wish you a pleasant lunch, Friday and weekend :)

Pasta with two kinds of beans, peas and chickpeas

This is a very free interpretation of the classic pasta that often prepare at home, but cold as a salad or main dish that is as hungry :)

  • half package cooked pasta
  • mix of legumes: beans, chick peas, cooked
  • boiled green peas
  • raw green pepper
  • parsley
  • olive oil
  • spices to taste

Decoration and the spices as you wish and what I found in drawers :)


Green salad with sesame carrots and tangerines


2-3 carrots cut into oblong pieces and saute in olive oil with sesame seeds and Indian cashew. Leave them aside to be warm while preparing other things.

Wash and chop lettuce, cucumber and tangerine. Arrange in a large bowl and pour a little vinegar and salt as desired.


Happy New Year and do not forget to enjoy the color, even gray, gloomy days when summer seems far tooooolkova :) Be healthy!


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