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Earth Hour

Although traditional event " Earth Hour "is held worldwide in March, seeing old photos I remembered the idea that every day we even have to remember the" hour "of the Earth. In other words, think about the small things that could become routine and lead to big change.

Here are some simple ideas that I try to practice in their daily lives, with the idea to save resources, recycle materials and not least to reduce their monthly utility bills.

  • Turn off the lights in rooms not in use.

It may sound logical, but people often forget the light on in the hallway, bathroom and terrace. In any case, keep an eye on before you exit the home.

  • Stop the water while brushing your teeth.

Even if we admit that it is a waste of water, most people do not really stop the tap while you brush your teeth. Even to speak of seconds of your time, think how much fresh water flows out day after day.

  • Insulate your home.

If you are able to spend money, do not hesitate to put new windows and insulation (eg cork). Holds noticeable heat during the cold months, and maintain affordable summer heat.

  • Run machine on fast program.

If your clothes can be washed for 30 minutes, then why wasting electricity and water for 60 minutes? If it comes to dirty tissues, always use short program.

  • Use bio-degradable products for the home.

The market already offers some bio cleaners based on natural ingredients that do not pollute the soil and water with heavy chemistry, which is widely sold in stores. In fact, the simpler, the better.

  • Bring a bag market.

If just every time I remember one paper bag hook by the door. Even if you exit a loaf of bread is always a better option than a plastic bag.

  • Collect separate packages.

It's not hard. At home, keep two large plastic bag for paper. Matter of habit to learn them separately.

  • Use jug water filter.

This trick will save you thousands of pesky plastic water bottles. If you do not like tap water, a pitcher with rechargeable filters help in the home.

  • Sleep at a lower temperature.

This is the question which I had the greatest difficulty, because I can not stand the cold. But one (or two) more severe winter blankets will reflect positively on your bill for electricity / heating and a comfortable sleep.

  • Buy energy saving light bulbs.

Withstand literally years, do not even remember the last time we changed ours.

  • Invest in equipment.

The so-called energy class of household appliances may seem expensive at first glance, but think about electricity, nature and the inevitable bills each month.

  • Use a pressure cooker.

I do not know how much energy is wasted electricity in traditional cooking (in this case cooking), but the fact that in the pressure cooker process happens much faster. When I had to brew a pot in plain beans for hours and on top is not cooked well. Pressure shorten the time 2 or 3 times.

I'm sure there are many more ideas which I can not think. What are yours?

* Photos: Earth Hour, National Theatre in 2009

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  1. Shaft

    I use only natural fibers in clothing and household shopping to avoid any polyester and artificial "plastic stuff" especially the shops "All 1 lev." Upon entering into such stores, the smell is quite unpleasant.

    Money For stains on clothing, use an ordinary household rural soap, do not use expensive imported products.

    The cosmetics do not use expensive creams and prefer homemade masks for face and hair and natural oils.

    I use natural sunlight for health baths and tan, I think tanning beds are harmful to humans.

    Cocking'm watching TV to near zero at night before falling asleep listening to soft music or reading.

    Giveaway clothes and other things that do not benefit people who
    need them.

    And naturally ventilated rooms often, I have flowers in them that fill me with oxygen and are a joy to the soul and eyes.

    This from me for now, I wish you a wonderful day ..

  2. Didi

    Thank you Val!

    Told the soap, but I do not use a washing machine? It is true that organic products are a bit expensive, but I do not know what to replace paint tiles, sinks, etc. - They buy biodegradable liquid detergents. Also, liquid detergent, organic. By sharing time does not go so expensive.

    I also have flowers, but recently their soil emerged flies that annoy a lot inside the room. I wonder where they came from and how to remove them.

  3. Shaft

    Hi Didi!
    I use a washing machine, but clothes are dirty wash by hand with homemade soap. By not using veins and some other more powerful drugs.

    Regarding the flowers should be less porazkopae soil after field to dry well (ie not bathe frequently, dry-time, and not chiniikata bottom water remains). Flies come from excessive watering (moisture). I hope I've been helpful.

    Write what toothpaste you use, I use homeopathic - herbs.
    Enjoy your evening and thank you for the useful information!

  4. Didi

    Sounds logical, I'll try to dry a bit.

    Pasta use Urtekram now bio. I like Bilka as taste and price, but I have no idea whether or tested on animals. I very much hope not.

    Handmade soaps are also very nice and last a long time even with daily use.

  5. Shaft

    Thanks for the reply.
    In Sofia there are many organic shops.
    The products are quite expensive unfortunately our standard.
    Personally I do all I can afford, but I hope in the future to have more pove4e and are available for pove4e people!
    Nice day and a nice weekend!

  6. Didi

    It depends on what your perception of "expensive". :) I buy a lot of organic pulses, legumes, seeds for sprouting, etc., used for a long time. With a package quinoa can nagotvya 3-4 times for two people.
    Will be available if more people buy, as in Western Europe.
    Question of Priorities :)

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