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Food for the soul

Hello, friends!

With great joy and enthusiasm I want to present you new colorful and healthy cuisine in the city of Sofia!

The project is the vision of a group of friends and culinary enthusiasts who want to share their beliefs about health and good nutrition.

We believe that food is different and delicious, made with high-quality products without compromise and inflated prices. We believe that we can prepare and deliver delicious cooked meals to offices and homes of our customers at competitive prices.

We believe that Soul Kitchen will be the embodiment of our and your ideas.

In addition to the supply of food plan and organize monthly seminars and workshops, which can share their views on food to cook together and share experiences and ideas.

What team believes the soul of the kitchen:

* With Pure - according to options selected products with bio / Bulgarian origin

* Optimal fresh food

* With minimum heat treatment or a friendly one - to preserve the living trace elements and vitamins (mandatory without browning)

* Use of whole, natural, untreated and unrefined ingredients

* Without animal products, dairy ingredients origin, artificial additives, additives, colorants, flavors, refined salt, refined and trans fats, sodium glutamate ingredients with E-numbers

* Working with orders from the previous day in order to select fresh ingredients and cook the exact amount of food is not left, not to throw or not to leave it. Food is prepared on the day of delivery

For more information and orders: Soul-Kitchen.bg

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  1. Camellia

    Everything looks great, I'm sure are delicious :) I wish you a very, very successful :):):)

  2. Didi

    Thank you!
    Regards :)

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