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Interview with Slavi Slavov on Healing Center Vita Rama.

01 Plodova Torta Vita Rama

1. What is your food?

Food is one of the main factors for life. It is a means by which the body obtains all the necessary materials and components needed for the normal functioning of the body. If you consume and combine food in environmentally correct way, it will give us pleasure, vitality and full health.
Food from as raw fruits and vegetables supply our highest quality cells. In this way we care for the emotional state of the body.

02 Zelen Sok Vita Rama

2. Any food you can be healing?

Most health foods are seasonal fruits and vegetables in small amounts all seeds, nuts, grains and legumes, prepared by processes that retain much of their useful substances. Proper food combining, combined with proper preparation are key factors in our food to be therapeutic. Cells need primarily fructose and glucose, and minimal amounts of amino acids and fatty acids to function fully.
Body using a simple structure, whereby the recovered cells. A food with the most easily digestible nutrients are fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.
To break down and absorb the complex structures found in meat, dairy products and eggs, the body consumes a large resource of energy.
Achieving homeostasis or balance in the body, it is possible by maintaining the acid-base balance, consisting of 70-80% alkaline foods (fruits and vegetables) and 20-30% of acidic foods (grains, beans, seeds, nuts, animal) .

03 Salata Vita Rama

3. How cook food that has healing properties?

Much of the food in the Treatment Center Vita Rama comes in raw form. However, some of these products also pass through the processes of preparation, such as:
• Pre-processing of certain raw foods by soaking, a favorable effect for better digestion and facilitates the digestion of nutrients. For example, like alfalfa sprouts, Chinese bean, wheat and lentils that are soaked and Germinated, convert protein, carbohydrates and fats into easily digestible structures. Similarly, by soaking the seeds and nuts, we remove the inhibitors thereof which interfere with digestion.
• soaking food is an essential part in the preparation of cereals and pulses in Vita Rama. Thus, they pass through a shorter heat treatment and more nutrients retained.
• Other raw food as raw crackers were prepared by drying dehidratator of temperature up to 37 degrees. Thus retain all medicinal properties to food.
• blending various raw foods to obtain homogeneous mixtures, pates, dips, smoothies and other creamy dishes.
• Steaming and steamed vegetables, preparing meatballs vegan, gluten-free bread in the oven, which steamed and others.

04 Surova Krem Supa_Vita Rama

4.Razkazhete our health programs, conduct and relationship with food?

Clinical nutrition is the foundation of health programs Health, Detox, Weight Loss and Vitality we hold in Pamporovo to September 15. We achieve balance and harmony to the physical, mental and spiritual level, a holistic approach to health - health health nutrition, exercise and daily movement, relaxation techniques and meditation. But the food and proper nutrition are the foundation.
As already mentioned, to maintain maximum healing properties, foods and Vita Rama are raw or prepared by: soaking, sprouting, drying in the sun dehidratator drying, fermenting, steaming, boiling. All foods are combined according to certain rules, to facilitate the digestion and assimilation of quality nutrients and maintain energy balance in the body. Food that is available in Vita Rama is prepared mainly with traditional Bulgarian products.

05 Kachamak Vita Rama

5. Common opinion is that eating healthy is expensive. Is that true?

We understand well that when I say healthy eating, many people consider this to be an expensive pleasure, mainly because organic super foods. These foods are a great source of quality nutrients, but each of them can be replaced with available local, traditional Bulgarian food. We Bulgarian superfoods such as rosehip, chokeberry, bearberry, blueberry and others. Also, each of us can not afford traditional Bulgarian products such as wheat, lentils, beans, chickpeas, millet, buckwheat, barley, corn meal, Charlotte, butter. After proper preparation and food combining to feel well our body is full of energy, very important is the consumption of local seasonal food. Many Bulgarians have grandparents who have kept the tradition of keeping pet food village, something we can use.

06 Hliab Vita Rama

6. What advice would you give to people who are willing to change your diet?

The first most important thing is to contact a professional naturopath, who, according to individual health, to prepare an appropriate diet and give proper guidance for compliance.
There are basic rules that can be followed to unload the body:
• When getting up in the morning to drink a large amount of hot water and then consume juices - fruit or vegetable and some fruit before noon.
• To temporarily exclude or reduce animal products such as meat, dairy, eggs, fish and limit the consumption of bread, pasta and refined products.
• About 70% of the food we consume to be fruits, vegetables, sprouts, steamed vegetables 10%, 10% seed and 10% nuts and grains and legumes.
May be accepted and other dietary supplements that are affordable on the Bulgarian market - pollen and brewer's yeast.
Once felt the beneficial effect of unloading, it often becomes an incentive for long-term change to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

07. Slavi Slavov, v Kuhniata na Vita Rama

If you want to feel the beneficial effects of therapeutic food Vita Rama, read more and sign up for health programs Vita Rama .

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