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With better than Dobrohran

If you're wondering what's going on in this strange title, it immediately explain that Dobrohran is a unique design project for home cuisine, individually and with pure, natural products. The menu is varied and tasty, and I would add with unique offers like their surovoyadski without flour crackers, dried home to 40 degrees. Other interesting proposals are traditional pies, homemade bread with herbs and vegetables, and not so traditional raw crust pizza with which you can create a healthy homemade pizza or just ready to order with tomato sauce, vegetables and Brazilian walnut.

I share the products of Dobrohran, because I think that the efforts of the authors for a clean, healthy food should be given voice to more people seeking this lifestyle. And we all know that the ocean of highly industrialized, mass, full of chemistry and questionable ingredients food, such initiatives are oasis and a breath of fresh air. Especially for worker and a busy man in the big city.

The picture I have ordered three types of raw and aromatic crackers. Top left crackers with spelled and onions . Top right crackers with tomato and celery . And at the bottom crackers with chickpeas and flaxseeds .

For orders and information: here .

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