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Dried tomatoes! (Part I)

I love dried tomatoes! In any form, in (almost) any salty food in all sizes and marinades. Of course, they should not be just dry - my favorite is the classic version, marinated in quality olive oil, garlic and peppercorns or other dried spices. I love them alone, in a salad, or cooked food, and - if you marinade - just soak domatchetata 20 miinuti in lukewarm water until tender (but not too). Anyway, winter is not easy to find good fresh raw tomatoes, so happy to share my modest photo-culinary offerings until he escaped inspiration. :)


They say that the best things are simple and - say the real culinary challenge is to prepare something that has less than 5 ingredients in number. But despite, or precisely because of that, a dish to be self-sufficient, complete and in the end, simply delicious.


Colorful quinoa with parsley and sun-dried tomatoes

As always, do not write recipes :) proportions not observe :) but at least there are pictures. :)
Today I decided to share a few ideas that are so easy to prepare that it is necessary simply to list the ingredients.

All we know about the precious properties of small grains of quinoa, so I will not digress. A similar dish can be eaten as hot and cold as a salad, or directly as a staple food, depending how hungry you are. :) Cook the quinoa until soft and mix with fresh parsley and crushed dried tomatoes. Optionally can be seasoned with salt, olive oil, a little lemon. Magnificently arranged the little radishes.

Multigrain couscous with green salads and dried tomatoes


And it's easy! Cook the couscous in enough water until tender and rinse before serving. Cut the tomatoes and season with salt, olive oil, dried herbs. I would also add olives and capers. Add a mix of fresh leafy green and serve as a warm salad or principal. :)

Millet with fresh and dried tomatoes, mushrooms and nuts


Boil millet in enough water and finally season with a little salt and dried spices as desired. Turn off the heat, but add chopped fresh mushrooms (oyster in this case) and garlic and simmer until the mushrooms are soft too.

Separately cut fresh and dried tomatoes, crushed a few raw nuts Brazil nuts. Mix everything in a large bowl and stir until warm. Optionally finally sprinkle a pinch of dried Samardala.

Are you hungry?

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