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Crude homus one option

There are various versions of classical Arabic homus (or hummus) depending on what spices you like, what you use or whether tahini and garlic spicy snacking. But certainly I had not heard about the raw version of the popular dish as colleagues offered to try the recipe in the kitchen Soul Kitchen . And this is one of my completed version, which in this case comes with marinated (raw) zucchini, walnuts and parsley. So - soak chickpeas! :) I will not write proportions because raw food can boldly experiment depending on what flavor you prefer, but it's good sprouts and tahini to be roughly in approximately equal amounts.

  • dried chickpeas
  • tahini (preferably raw)
  • olive oil, extra virgin
  • salt, Himalayan or Celtic
  • spices - curry, kimono, red pepper
  • garlic, dry or raw
  • water, mineral or purified
  • optional:
  • marrow
  • olives
  • parsley
  • walnuts

Soak about 200-300 grams of dried chickpeas overnight. The next day, wash and leave in a deep pot to germinate as a wash at least 2 times a day. Usually sprouts grow for 2-3 days. When you are ready and sufficiently soft, wash well again and mix with a little water and tahini in a food processor until a soft paste. Add all the spices, olive oil, and if necessary more water and grind again for a few minutes.

Optional wash a large pumpkin and cut it into thin strips. Roll them in a marinade of salt, lemon and olive oil or sesame oil. Arrange on a plate and brush the top homusa. You can garnish with fresh parsley, raw nuts and natural oils.

The resulting paste is good to be consumed immediately, because there is less durable, but if you want to stand for several hours, then hang it in a jar with cap tightly and store in the refrigerator.

Bon Appetit!

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