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Septemvriiska Greece

Greece has problems, everywhere. No sewage system in Athens is gone, there is nowhere to buy a ticket for miles in the suburbs or drivers sell. Traffic congestion is cool as a big city, but still somehow move faster than here, when it rains a little rain, even during the day, "at any time". Yet somehow people are nice and quiet, although they do not understand anything. Service is outstanding, although they almost nothing understand us. Although they had very serious problems until recently. Although it does not learn very much English, even in the most touristy places. Although it rained most of the time, certainly I rested better because nobody natorva nothing.
And yes, do not like to generalize people noo what most impresses me here (especially after a few days outside BG) is a syndrome of perpetual whining man. Particularly strong in the morning in public transport, because my cat ate headphones. You can find it in all shapes and sizes, it is important to fret about everything especially irritating way, continuously varying from softly muttering under his breath to almost aggressively shouts the ears. I think especially sour Bulgarian only five minutes can be resent to the entire bus because they were named a street So-it-how-and not something else. At all who cares how they say the street before she first drank coffee.
And yes, I resent. Because if everyone sees in his his dish and was pleased and grateful for what you have, although much will if you stop complaining that someone / something we blame outside, life could have been quite more conscious and meaningful.






Sun shining, rain rain, Greek salad with cauliflower and people of the inn are super nice and we washed dishes ;) (+ Bottle of wine, obviously fucking time :).




Athenian morning before the big laziness sea. For three days dumped more rain than I've seen all summer in Sofia. At 8 am he heard heavy traffic on the streets, even though we are in suburbs and the metro walk at least one hour. People are nice, although public transport is hellish transportation everywhere. Athens is huge. The sea is clean. Ants are different and the cats are so many as there are ants ;) .




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