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Farewell bag!

This year, 01.10. (Which, incidentally, is World Vegetarian Day) state finally decided to incorporate a long-anticipated green idea. Significantly increase the cost of a single plastic bag with a noble idea to restrict the use and because of the devastating impact okolnata environment.

Pros, I think, are visible to all. What can we use? Paper and textile bags. Some will say that the paper is cut trees, but this packaging takes much, much longer. Greener, more aesthetic, more comfortable with everything in a big bag healthy than thousands of small plastic bags, securely planted in our consumerist culture.

I do not care how much it costs or whether naylonkata is free - for several years trying their best to restrict their use and carry a bag or purse at home wearing a large paper bag. Even if you do not bag inside, you can always get all the products in one place, instead of the lady in the shop to put each thing almost a separate nylon.

Just weeks after the appreciation of naylonkite, I noticed with regret picking home to at least five people from the shops filled with plastic bags, about 4-5 in number only one person. I'm really sad this whole wasteful and generally unconventionalism to something that can be as small and inconspicuous, but once it becomes a habit, it is easy to help the environment and ourselves.

How do you deal with thousands naylonki to foist your vendors for the smallest thing? I usually give up and look at me weird. Is the price increase will change the mass consciousness units or people who actually care. Time will tell.


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  1. green flower

    Didi, I at least 3-4 years trying to avoid or at least reduce the use of naylonki. 10 Shopping, 1 I 1-2 bags because I forgot example cloth ... And, yes, look suuuper funny lady! Some say, "But they're free, do not worry", others just make a face and continue to shove things in the bag and I show you unplug them, and thank you go! Can not fit why the hell can not use bags and tell them react like niiikoga but have not heard anything like it!
    Hopefully people change! I do not know and what they became grandmothers with these bags, at least they were used by socialist but to go with cloth, but is razgleziha much!

  2. Didi

    Mnooooooooogo difficult to eradicate habits, I generally avoid making generalizations, but in our mass consciousness has such a blatant unconventionalism and mocking tone. As to your nagging, it's free and who was concerned about ecology. What else? Often go to the countryside and go where man remains plastic mass are beer bottles, bags and all sorts of junk. Otherwise, leave a clean and green. Maybe we should be more polite, but insistent as is the case with vendors. It is important to give a good example, I think.

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