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Saytanat (in English: "seitan") is food wheat gluten. It is prepared by the dough made from flour and water, wash the starch to remain only gluten.

The name comes from seitan proponents of the macrobiotic diet, which promote this gluten feed in the West. The origin of the site associated with China. One story attributes the creation of the site of the Chinese Emperor cooks who want to make food-like in appearance and taste meat, vegetarian Emperor week.

Prepared saytanat really small like meat, but unlike him not take life for extraction, does not contain toxins and does not pollute our physical and mental health.

Source: Ekovege

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  1. Daria

    It does not look good at all, looks like a greasy fried. As to whether it is waived his life for extraction - but what happens when all izpasem trevolyatsi the world - anyway cattle will starve.

  2. Didi

    It is not fried, but the species is a matter of taste. When combined with other foods may seem quite different, but of course the person you are assessing whether you use this product.
    As to lower your comments - we know that all livestock animals are artificially maintained populations with specific amounts of food and so on. Little is mocking statement that "Feeding" whatever it

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