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Rila winter

Up, up, up .... freezing cold, sun and beauty. Very, very beautiful.

The mountain is beautiful and dangerous. It is important to have a good winter gear, but you do not have to - layers of clothing never more. Necessarily cover the legs - thick boots, gloves, scarf, hat.

Here we got on the slopes above Borovets. Do not ski or snowboard, and never remembered their names :)

Actually a lot of people, they stare when you go up in a place with ordinary shoes, but so what. His walk is a walk as long as you find someone your savvy enthusiast :)

Sun is near and burning. And although the sea is far, one sunscreen on your face, not a bad idea.

In the mountains are all equal. Old and wise saying. It is no wonder that such places can meet all kinds of people through different ages and in different vehicles :)

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