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Various meetings with cool people

Food has always been a huge role in the development of human culture. We accept it as a symbol of sharing, trust, shared work, shared resources, enjoyable time devoted to conversation and relaxation.

And when someone try to appeal to others, then we can talk about respect.

Raw homemade walnut cake and banana cream, chocolate chips.

Raw ice cream dessert of cranberries and nuts, coconut oil.

Bright red and a mood.

Homemade milk rape, sweetened with brown sugar. Iced tea with pieces of fresh fruit.

Hazelnut Milk with boiled rice and cinnamon.

Home food made from family and friends predisposes to good conversation and relaxation.

Cake carrots and bean flour.

Sushi! Many, many other types of vegan sushi with tofu, rice, lettuce, tomato paste, sprouts, cucumber and avocado.

Millet with onion and nettle.

Chickpeas with nettles and tomatoes.

Home hummus with fresh sprouts.

Homemade bread with leaven.

Lyrical departure for sushi ...

Finally healthy cake! Moreover, no cocoa, animal products, white sugar, white flour ...

A large colorful salad with carrots, lettuce, beets, sunflower seeds and other miracles.

So the days with friends and great food left wonderful memories for a long, long forward ♥♥♥

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