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Human dining should consist of living cells instead of bodies consisting of dead cells.

Fully balanced food materials consist of living cells. Vegetable bodies after leaving Earth, remain alive for a long time. A rosebud continues to flourish and soaked in water, seeds germinate years after being harvested. But the cells of dead animals or milk, which comes from their bodies die immediately begin to decompose and turn into poison and boiling them into something awful.
Be considered as animal protein superior to plant is most unfortunate misconception of human thought and a clear evidence of myopia Synthesis of meat biologists. Assuming that the animal organism converts non-plant proteins and making them more balanced nutrients, then the meat of animals such as foxes, wolves, dogs, cats and tigers which eat a "fully balanced" protein must have a high nutritional value. In fact poisonous nature of the meat of these animals is so obvious that even the staunchest supporters of the flesh-eating dare not eat it.

Biologists led by personal inclination to seek special advantages meat at the opening of the so-called. nezamenitemi acids are not taken into account the fact that they are formed of the most common grasses that the animals are fed.
By what rules of science organizmaat a cow has the ability to create amino acids from the most insignificant weeds and grasses, and the human body has no way to cook the same food substances from plant materials with the highest nutritional value? How millions of Buddhists live without amino acids supplied by the meat?

Myopia is the biggest flaw of modern medical science.

* Excerpt taken from the book "Complete cleansing, rejuvenation and weight loss through raw," Dr. Aterhov

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