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Today, publishing information on a noble and humane initiative that happens for the first time in Bulgaria. I wish them success!

They are a non-profit "Friends of fours."
Founders are the first center in Bulgaria for animals affected by human violence registered by decision N 6484 from 15.09 '2006g. the Varna District Court.
They are home to abused and beaten animals and educate children to love them. Through dramatic fate of each of their animals teach them compassion and kindness, thus hoping to protect them from cruelty and violence of our world.
Aim to show that Bulgaria is picking up one new animal welfare as living beings with rights and dignity to participate with us in the harmony of life.
Currently in their "unusual" farm twenty-two live animals, including horses, donkeys, goats and more. I'll introduce you to some of them, their fate and invite you to become a part of their world.
They are open to ideas, followers, moral and financial support.
Become their friends, and join with them in the global initiative against cruelty and violence in all their forms!

For those of you who are able and willing to help the survival of the cause bottom post of the association's bank account. Thank you in advance!

Bank account of the association (ProCredit Bank):

ProCredit Bank

Sofia, Bul. "Todor Alexandrov" 26


IBAN: BG 50 PRCB 9230 1013 2253 13

SNC "Priateli na chetiri kraka"

(NGO "Four Legged Friends")

IBAN in EUR: BG 91 PRCB 9230 1413 2253 18

Varna, Bulgaria

Friends of fours, along with volunteers from across the country launched a campaign to donate money. We need places to put our piggy banks for donations. The page in facebook will post their pictures and addresses. Ask in the salon you visit, if you have a store, please contact us, studio or club of your acquaintances University Mall ... every place through which many people pass would be appropriate. Thank you for your cooperation and willingness to help. The farm is on the edge and no chance of survival. We can only succeed together!

For several shops and restaurants in Sofia and Varna agreed to make a voluntary crafted piggy banks to raise funds.

Look at the other places that have agreed to help the initiative by visiting album box for donations in facebook.

For more information, please write to: animalshelter@mail.bg

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