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I wish you ...

I am not good with dates and numbers, but September 17th is a great date for a birthday, right? :) I remember last year around this time I started writing here .. really my first post is about the middle of August, but I had about a month until I decide what I want to represent colour of cinnamon. So this is not as important as I want to publish what is now a Brazilian poet says ... Happy holidays, Colour of Cinnamon! And good morning to me with a cup of coffee with the scent of cinnamon ♥

"First of all I wish you love
and loves to be loved too.
And if not - quick to forget
and once forget - not Taisha hatred.

I want you to have friends
including poor and inconsistent,
but at least one of whom to trust,
without doubt.

And because life is -
I want you to have and pests -
not much - or little - right in the middle
so you sometimes questioned
own confidence.
And let's between them have at least one
that is fair,
to not feel secure enough.

I want you to be useful, even indispensable.
In bad times, when there is nothing else
that your utility is sufficient
to keep right.

I want you also to be tolerant
not with those who rarely wrong - it's easy
and those who are wrong a lot
and irreparable,
and using this tolerance
to be an example for others.

I wish you did not mature fast
and when they saw her,
not want to rejuvenation
and being an old man
not to embark in hopelessness.
For every age has its pleasure
and their pain
and to let them stream between us.

Have a passing sorrow.
Not all year, not even one day.
Then you will find
A daily smile is beautiful
the usual insipid smile,
and the constant smile is corrupted.

I wish you to find the fastest,
even and above all,
they evade close, sometimes depressed,
communicating with injustice
and unhappy people.

I want you to caress a dog to eat chicken
and listen to the song Kadankata,
to lift their morning singing
because then you will feel happiness
more than ever.

I wish you also sow seeds -
as tiny
and keep him company while growing
to find how many lives are needed
to become a tree.

I wish you also have money
because you have to practical
and at least once a year
to put money in front of you and say:
"This is mine."
to make it clear
who the master is.

I wish none of your passions is not quenched
and if any of them happen,
you can cry without regret
and suffer without feeling guilty.

Finally, if you're a man - to have a good wife
and if you are a woman - you got a good man -
tomorrow and the next day
and when you are engrossed and smiling
to talk again and again about love.

If these things happen -
otherwise what you want. "

Sérgio Jockymann , 1978

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