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Pleven is the hometown of my friend. And although we have not gone much there, the place left me pleasantly surprised with the large central streets, promenades, large green parks, small ponds with boats where people come to soak up or walk their dogs.

Close to the city is the place Kaylaka where in good weather, you can spend a lazy afternoon in the wonderful greenery and paths.

I myself am not very familiar with the area, but if you ask someone local will probably find a lodge / guest house around Kaylaka as this house top, which I do not remember what :)

If you walk a little more to see a lot of varied nature - river, lakes, rocky entrances and paths up and down.

Photos were taken around Easter - the time when nature awakens. Still a little chilly, but sunny enough to warm up by walking in the area. And there is definitely something to watch.

With a little more enthusiasm you can rent a boat. But if you prefer cats pursuits like me, you can just look for a sunny spot and watch the colorful boats of secure land under your feet :)

After a tough and grueling winter one really comes literally crashes Cape greenery and feel the freshness of luck in all your plants colors ... at least in my nature I miss spring.

I honestly do not know how to get to this place, but local call even Canyon.

At one point the river excavated interesting rock formation near which would be perfect sunny spot for a picnic or tents.

And then the lowest part ... the path, the path is logical to get out of the top spot. I do not know what the exact definition of the canyon, but the view from the high Kaylaka pretty interesting experience.

More information about the site here .

On the night of Easter, people traditionally take to the streets along with many residents and tourists.

One of the symbols of the city's Mother Bulgaria monument before Skobelev Park. Memorial is a symbol of Bulgaria, portrayed as a woman with arms lifted up in prison. But its present form, and you can see for yourself - even the color of the tiles, or what's left of them.

Without doubt, however Pleven can not complain about the lack of parks. Whether you go a little farther to Kaylaka or inside the city have a choice - Skobelev Park is widely spacious place where you can reach and the famous Panorama building.

They say that a bird does not make spring. But I have one to show others ...

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