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The Ocean Portugal

For a long time, my old dream was to see the ocean. No matter exactly where I love to watch the water, the great and glorious expanse.

And my other dream was to see Portugal. A small part of the "end" of Europe, inexplicably so close and loving to my insights. Portugal ocean ... something I never imagined, because I have never seen such a huge thing. Water, water, and an endless blue, impossible for the eye and mind.

What do some crazy mid-winter as a bleak and wind-place? Well, anyone can go to the beach in the summer right? :)

We came to an island with a lighthouse. People would save a little restaurant right on the beach. The weather was awful and a few dogs surprise followed our tour.

Despite the bizarre atmosphere, nothing prevented our good mood. We ate at the restaurant where we agreed pretty hard with the local waitress and then walked along.

The sun was setting and the January cold wind trying to drive us faster. But in a place you do not go. Forget the cold and just let the moment.

And best of all, when you can share the moment with the loved ones ♥ ​​♥

When will see you again ocean? ...

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