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Something like guacamole :)


Let's talk about the weather. No, that is not trivial - it's cold and windy in mid-May, however tempted to moaned about it. :) Many, many times I have heard - people wrote to me and said, I've heard from other friends recounted conversations and so on how complicated was to eat it! How much time it takes to vegan, vegetarian, surovoyadets .. This is simply not true. And my mind's made up, and I continue to wonder how someone who, say, is used to cook meat with something in the oven, which takes - how? Hour, two, three? Honestly I have no idea, but I guess a lot. I've heard from people that come here in colourofcinnamon and their first reaction is something like: oh how much you do, do not have much time!
This is simply not true. :)

I write this with a purely practical because more often I hear (which just makes me happy!) From known - no longer eat meat, but I can not cook! Respectively - "I do not know what to eat, you tell me". In what to me becomes funny. :) And because I make fun of the "young" vegetarian, nothing like that! But why does a vegan diet is the easiest and I dare say most enjoyable when someone has decided to take time to cook.

I personally do not need more than half to one hour when doing dinner. And time is a great time if you decide to use the stove. Usually prepare a rich salad that to be more nutritious, served with stew or beans: chickpeas, millet, amaranth, beans, lentils, rice - in fact the possibilities are endless.

I try to have in stock and other leafy green vegetables, some kind of bread or pasta, or some kind of soy bean product. And the easiest thing is to stick it in the blender and you spread it on toast. :)

Pate "Guacamole" with zucchini and sprouts

There are many different variations of the popular Mexican dish, but to assume that is based on the combination of tomato and avocado. I mingled with a food processor soft avocado, tomatoes, onions, raw zucchini. Optionally added olive oil, salt, lemon or lime. Garnish with fresh sprouts and grilled tofu little to add to the dish. When available products here an example for an afternoon snack or light dinner will not take you more than 10-15 minutes for preparation and arrangement.

Not much, right? :)

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