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Interesting products for veggie burgers and pasta (pizza, pasta, etc.). Now easily find in larger cities such as highly recommend you choose organic stores because soy products are recommended organic. And as I've said many times, these finished products often do not come in my kitchen, on the contrary, I think it should be used rarely because most intense processing that go to achieve its current appetizing appearance. Still, it's a pretty painless way to prepare quick sandwiches if you go out of town for a long time or just put some food in your backpack for the mountain.

Organic tofu in different varieties and flavors you can find in a store Biomagia in Sofia, and various kinds of delicious pastetcheta Allos've ever met in almost all other organic shops. Unfortunately we are still very much in the development of market-value, because these products are very rare, cost too much, and actually pay for thousands of resellers and fees for long time in a more advanced bio Europe to our little and modest market.

I wish for the new 2012 and more Bulgarians to realize its importance in the development of the market and to support Bulgarian, home, especially when it comes to organic / organic food. Small farms need us to be competitive and functional for a longer term, then the time when we can look around and look like a bit of a bio Germany, where there may be a haven for vegans, but even not fit into some definitions and restrictions on our taste preferences, it is important to keep the quality, fresh, organic food, such as it should be, not such as mass are trying to pull in (literally) with some marketing tricks promotions, ridiculously low prices and huge invasion of supermarket chains dubious quality and very low energy.

Keep yourself and cherish the pure product, even if they constitute a large part of your diet. With small steps we can all help bio (and not only!) Production of local cultures, ours fruits and vegetables, fresh nuts, grains and legumes, such as Bulgaria was born, and we know from time immemorial!

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