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Favorite Places and pictures 2012 - Part VI

Rainy, gloomy afternoon .. what thinking man ... unless the next summer! Come and less spring with blooming trees will not give up. :)

For Kara Dere think there is nothing more to add. Pictures of my previous posts on the subject say enough in themselves, and who went there already know that such a place just does not describe.

Last night I went out with friends and that's what we talked about, it is probably the first night this year that you can go out less at night, of course, fully equipped with a jacket and boots, but not numb from the cold and wind .. Vitosha night was beautiful and as they say "open season." : D

With great anticipation, open arms and mind expecting my next encounter with this beautiful Earth, and of course, many many more ... ♥

Thanks to the photographer and new meetings tent seas! :)

Of course, summer is such a time when you did not think much about food, cooking, dealing with toploizlachvashti stoves and similar items. :) And as probably the hundredth time I repeat - maybe life can I earn tomatoes, olive, pasta, The green (vsyakakvi!), olive oil, green salad, a little toast .. Who has time to cook July month? : P

However, if you do something rotated (which seems to be that only in May in the picture), it may slightly change the perspective. With a simple potato peeler cut vegetables unconventional and effective way for a salad - in the case above shot cucumber and zucchini into thick, wide straps and everything looks different with just a flick of a moment.

Another favorite main dish is called My Thai Curry. In this case, use something like "Fix mix" only bio curry sauce cooking. Dish made of fried tofu and vegetables will cut into long strips, Asian style. Effective and delicious.

Thank magazine menu invitation to participate in one of their summer issues last year!

A good kid in a nice August day in my home Vratsa. Warm, green, peaceful, timeless ...

So saying timelessness nothing better than sunshine, book and blanket ...

.. and beer! : D Photos from Hydropark Kazichene.

Thank you. :)

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