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Favorite Places and pictures 2012 - Part IV

Outside the sun is shining, but it is still early February, so I continue with my favorite pictures and places from last year. In the summer around June and July, generally there is not much to do in town, so today I am prepared to sunny pictures of the kitchen, the woods, a little bit more and Antonio portraits. Enjoy reading with good memories of a warmer and more comfortable (for me) time of year!

I like my apartment, because there in the south and most of the time it is bathed in light. In summer it is bright and sunny, but at other times also keeps warm, provided there is enough light generous as the window. :)

Of course, summer is the time when you should emphasize in your menu of seasonal vegetables, leafy, friendly or not heat-processed foods. Many people have still weird to eat raw chickpeas (soaked and sprouted in advance) or raw zucchini, sprouts, or do not know and how to prepare them. But I can assure you that there is nothing scary :) Brave use zucchini and cucumber seeds germinate and bold grains. A day when you still have to go to work or for one reason or another, we have not gone over mountains and seas - then what better than a light lunch and crude, bathed in sunlight.

Usually I do not go dressed like a mountain :) but this is a very very nice forest near Sofia, literally meters away from the houses, can not remember now which of the neighborhood. However, I remember what a pleasure it was to take off her shoes and hiking barefoot on grass and clean mekichkata sunset until the last rays shone meadow .. people remove their shoes when out of town, no other spa exercise you need a bit of sunshine, air, forest and grass. :)

Vitosha is very close, and it's not small, I confess that I hardly know her, but there is definitely something to see, even during the week, a few hours after work, when not many people either trash or music or strange odors from burning grills etc ...

Some favorite things from our daily menu - the usual day begins with a shake / embarrassed. For maximum sweetness and energy, you can mix bananas and dates, maca powder, grind in a shaker jar with water or vegetable milk.

Soup of the second picture, strange as it may seem, in fact, contains dried porcini mushroom. Cooked it with zucchini, herbs and organic red rice.

Who does not like falafel? I usually do a small balls and bake them in the oven on kitchen paper without frying without fat. Then meatballs can very well be combined with tomato sauce, fresh vegetables or green pesto different types of herbs, olive oil and spices.

Because I like to buy and to grind all The green market or (even better) than a garden, it often mixed up in a blender for a very quick and easy pesto suitable for potatoes, pasta, crackers or just a slice of bread. Try by combining fresh leafy green - spinach, parsley, lovage, nettles, celery leaves, basil and more - with a little vegetable oil and nuts can add the salt and water and do not need any expensive jars of organic stores that usually sell something like that to me shows about 3-4 bites and take it over. : D

Love you had to describe it ♥ Love cats, love to their loved ones, love summer, love that you put in the food preparation, the love that you put in the work or labor performed ... And last but not least, love yourself, because this is the only person who has never, for any reason, you can not escape. Love, love my friends, animals, Earth .. from there come what might. The light in my photos will bring new hope for spring and summer, not only in the weather sense but also metaphorically, the light on the road will help calm even in those dark, rainy, maybe a little sad and lonely Sunday afternoons.

Thank you.

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