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Favorite Places and pictures 2012 - Part III

Oh tvorih archives with photos of the month June 2012 and once again I thought how much I prefer the summer! Generally, the period of May to September in Bulgaria is one prekraaaaaasno time to live, vacation, travel, seas and friends ... Heat and light are generous and comfortable without wasting a lot of time talking, will share some of the most beloved my pictures because it turned out to be a lot more than I thought, what better than to remember the summer? :)

Of course, needless to say, what grace appears in the markets in spring and early summer. As someone involved in some way in the culinary arts or just someone who likes to eating tasty and colorful, it can not but mention joy than to start the day with fresh, seasonal fruit or some similar embarrassed that easily can be made from strawberries, raspberries, cherries, any small garden or forest fruits. A generous sun began to peep through the window ...

A simple daily menu :) I do morning smoothie with raspberries and some dairy milk. Of course, you can add all sorts of things - some sweetener super foods like chia, goji berries and hemp protein, hemp seeds, spirulina and others. However, do not overdo it with their combination.
The simplest and easy vitamin bomb that I can think of is the second photo. Simply, beetroot and parsley with fresh lemon juice and Himalayan salt. You have your friend parsley :)

At the bottom you see a Bulgarian equivalent Asian soup with interesting product tempeh for me, I use a variety of dishes such as salads, soups, grilled or in combination with more exotic ingredients such as miso and coconut curry. This soup is a food with organic noodles and shiitake mushrooms, which can be flavored with a better quality soy sauce than in glass bottles.

Bread is smeared with cooked or raw humus (can not remember now) in mandatory company fresh vegetables and onions :)

In the summer, even if I like Sofia! :)

And through the small streets can sometimes find interesting things to shoot and walks :)

Now, back to the food :) Quite otherwise things look a nice camera with nice light .. not that I learned something about 2-3 years at university photography :) noo just a theory!

In the rare cases when I have time and inspiration to nagotvya something, usually something happens. I love roasted vegetables, courgettes, aubergines, peppers, and all green grass mnooooogo - parsley, dill, basil, rosemary, thyme, savory ... the second picture red rice cooked with the same vegetables and many herbs.

I want to tell you about a very very long and interesting day that I met all sorts of people and colored to 9.6 last year. Naturally, my day starts with coffee and cats :)

On that day greeted early summer we made a joint course of developing kitchen Soul Kitchen idea raw, non-thermal processed plant foods. In the pictures above you can see some of the things you have prepared, together with our participating smiling - green salad with nuts and various sauces, spring rolls zucchini, tomatoes stuffed with spinach and olives, raw zucchini hummus to marinate .. completely vegan, whole soul :)

And then later in the day went with friends in the park ..

And here is the time to congratulate a virtual hug all those wonderful people who, for one reason or another fell into my life, laughing together, and shared good and bad moments, I learned a lot of things that are now interested in my head. . universal power yoga, spiritual practices veganism, traveling, new cultures, customs, interesting places around the world ...

Yup .. I thought to write more, but I see that the pictures are drawn very slowly and it is difficult to consider, so I will continue .. in the next section.

Thank you. :)

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