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Favorite Places and pictures 2012 - Part II

Oh bicham May. Since the school year .. I remember this time of year Vratsa was wonderful. Everything was already green, rewarding warm, but not hot. I finish school at noon and then I had the whole day available, and the mountain is so close .. May began preparations for the march. There are great clothes, there was no need for stoves (and how cold I Brala the mountain!) And the thought of nearest end of the school year a pleasant reminder of summer .. So since high school - I love May.

And because I love to eat, what better than to know that the earth has again been born, markets are covered with green body and spirit need purify and fresh air after long months of darkness and cold. Go fresh fries :) And potatoes with dill and fresh garlic in the spring has classic anywhere.

Near Lovech or at least somewhere in the area (I am not good with geography : D ) Examined the so-called cave eyes. Karlukovo karst complex . Here is what his theory: Tova's nay-area charter predstavitelnata karstova low to 400 meters platovidni hilly land, not in the samo stranata. Na na mikrorayona malkata area - about 900 ha is razvit full range of surface and underground karstovi forms kato toA razpolozheni individual sites against each other na very short razstoyanie from several dozen to several hundred meters wide maksimalna otdalechenost.

Yes, it was interesting, but I would not be detained for more than half an hour of such climate ;)

May is just before the summer and often already quite boldly throw the clothes, but the mountain did not. This is a forest hut Chavdar about where I went to the winter, mountain jacket, this fog can not remember if I've ever seen ...

X izha Chavdar is located in Stara Planina, m flurry meadows west of vr.Baba / 1787 m /. For more information, here people have written posts.

In fact, even around Sofia, with very little expenditure of time and transport, we can find a lot of nice scenery, which is still not totally invaded by people, and can be reached quickly and easily. And the plan is ... There are shady woods, cool trails where water goes, but you get out in equal parts from the mountain, the sun can not but they rejoiced in anticipation of summer :)

The Sun Also Rises ...

With Amott houses along the way.

And the days in May most often begin and end so ..

(To be continued)

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