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Art on Wheels

Hello, friends!

Along with the new job in the kitchen Soul Kitchen did not have that much time and energy to write here. The fact is that experienced record temperatures a few days in a row do not lifted degrees above zero. Many times I have written that they do not like the cold and all the clothes in my hamper mainly :) So my thoughts are mainly focused on soft spring or hot summer.

Today I decided to share some pictures of a passed event, which was organized by my previous work. I hasten to say that I do not understand anything from cars, tuning, technical characteristics and similar driving attributes, but one is good from time to time to change the environment a bit in order to expand their horizons all.

That event is called Tuning Show and collect car enthusiasts across the country. Usually takes place on a track and all owners of vintage cars tuned or can show creativity in their cars.

Well, I personally would call hard numbers with swinging doors just art, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the painting on the hood of a car. It requires a precision focus and certainly much talent. Obviously people have very different ideas about aesthetics and beauty, but also because the world is colorful :-)

Traditionally, interest sparked vintage cars and motorcycles, as it shows that their owners did not skimp on maintenance and glowing appearance. And for the uninitiated as the topic viewers like me were only pictures.

And a very interesting solution for bearish car.

It was a nice and different walk of a man is always good to learn something new and to see the different perspectives of any kind of art, culture, cuisine, and even was motoring.

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