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Walk to Lake frightening

Rila! Magnificent, large, free and untamed!

The aim of our ascent was shelter "scary" lake. Far away but not terrible crystal clear lake in the high mountains. Located on the north shore of Lake frightening. A single storey stone building with a capacity of 16 seats.

Neighboring tourist sites:

- Zasl.Kobilino Branishte - 2:00 pm
- H.Mechit - 5:30 pm
- H.Ribni Lakes - 6:00 pm
- H.Malyovitsa - 2:30 pm
- Rila Monastery - 4:30 pm

The paths are marked.

More information here .

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  1. Rosica

    Didi, the place is paradise :) Congratulations for the wonderful pictures and the whole site.
    PS the last picture looks awesome

  2. Didi

    It's beautiful! I had some trouble uploading photos, but still learning :) You can view more of http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1135824148545.2020801.1015578209&l=b297bd01ee&type=1

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