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For the purpose of this site

We live in the greatest decentralization of information is likely to exist ever since human culture. Everywhere and in every way tell us how to live, how to talk and work, what to eat and what not to think for all. Trite, but true.

Why women do not like sites say it openly. Never, I never claimed that we live and eat healthier. This website is quite different. Do not follow any special diet, do not respect the principle of selective feeding, let your body decide whether he wants sweet or salty, warm or cold.

About two years ago my friend started to eat whole plant foods by reducing many of the products used previously - many preparations, margarine, pasta, sweets in shiny packaging. Over time, many people around us asking where out of curiosity, where mockery of what do we eat? Is it difficult, expensive ..

So I started shooting. The idea behind this site is simple - and it is sharing.

Food is not just carbohydrates or protein, fat or fiber. Not so interested in these things, although I prefer quality products, which is a natural reaction to a better overall experience. More importantly for me only one thing: attitude.

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  1. Joy

    I fully support, a great way to inform - unobtrusive, beautiful and not least DELICIOUS :) Success!

  2. Didi

    Thank you! I think it also has useful and tasty :)

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