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Leaders and followers.


Do you think about the past? And do not talk about your own memories and experiences, and for a wider and comprehensive look at the history behind everything. To me like exercise sometimes to think and compare what has changed in the last 20, 50, 200 or more years ago .. And in all aspects of our everyday life - technologies, professions, relationships .. And much track interesting - as we changed as dramatically has changed our lives even in the last 1-2 centuries, the behavioral our development seemed builds the same thing as saying "since the world began." No more accidentally in ancient Greek literature we find the eternal themes of love, betrayal, jealousy and other things that do not seem to have changed much over the centuries.
But another thought. Do not know if you noticed that only in the last few years (at least in Bulgaria, do not know how the rest of the world) has become extremely popular to do workshops so-called personal development is translated dozens of books on the subject (most often dressed in spiritual and abstract atmosphere), more commonly started using words like "energy", "regression", "spiritual practices" and others. More. There were whole new professions already normal "eychar-and" or the new "Life Coach" and so on. In which I guess there is nothing wrong. Created huge, often multicultural organizations where naturally came the need for certain people harder to deal with the behavior of other people ... Something which in itself is also a relatively new considering that science itself "psychology" was given no more than 200 years (just read on the Internet: The emergence of scientific psychology is associated with 1879 Wilhelm Wundt when - a famous scientist - encyclopedic opened the first experimental psychology laboratory in Leipzig. The object of the science of psychology is psychology, spirituality.)

Thinking about all this, initially in me rose a quiet wave of resentment because the skeptic in me said, so I do not know, so I have forgotten how to behave, we are buried under the details and rules for our behavior in each time - starting from the label on the table and get to clean our professional obligations, which often require multiple and various skills. Countless (for me personally) foolish advice magazine type "25 ways to take off the girl in a bar" does not even want to talk. My point is this - we live in an era of endless rules, or at least wishes for a certain behavior and patterns, so it's easy to inscribe .. work, in society, in social networks here .. And if you think this does not apply to you, you're actually quite open-minded, tolerant, experienced; you've traveled and seen other people, cultures, values ​​.. then think again. Even if there is some truth in this, then the other truth is that we all more or less going into the mold of the modeled behavior and programming began in the most general case of a very young age. School in 12 years of our lives is just starting for example my words.

To return to the cynic in me :) I must confess that I feel a certain amount of irritation of the endless invitations to seminars and events type "Manage your life ... or how to achieve what you need" (copy it verbatim, because I just saw it on facebook :) ). Because, although there may be some degree of benefit in such events, I will continue to say that people are very different to 200 people gather in one place and someone came and according to his / her understanding of the world and universe, and to fabricate a universal truth that applies equally to all. More. This can agree with an opinion, philosophy or position is not at all tantamount to accept it, experience interpreted through their own experience and values.

I mean, I thought why should there be so many leaders today? I thought it so naturally and inevitably a few people to be leaders in whatever sphere of life may be so, and another large part of the people to be followers and imitators. I thought of course you did? Somewhat believe that there are people "born" leaders. This can be seen among a group of friends - you do not have the leadership required to connect to the corporate model for power and profit, it may be quite natural behavior of a man who just easier to deal with the organization and resolution among koflikti a group of people.

And initially I thought leadership as a means to manipulate the system and depersonalization of large groups of people, but my thoughts turned back in time and wondered if large masses of people do not actually want exactly? The fact is that it is easier not to take responsibility; the fact is that it is easier to accept the proven fact for granted, rather than taking the risk myself to prove to myself. The fact is that we are not all equally disposed to taking risks, to adventurism and experimentation. It's fine too. So back in history and find some kind of leader in each obshtesto; think about shamans, elders, various gurus, spiritual leaders and whatnot. Actually May more people like someone else to make decisions, be responsible, take risks and challenges .. In fact, in May of this right rests the whole system and division of labor, such as we know it today - that's why we have bosses, managers, board of directors, presidents, and if you like the Pope! There is nothing new.

In that case, can we ever talk about anarchism, grassroots cooperatives, removing hierarchical structures or put a little gooey all the way to live in equality, "peace and harmony"? It may be possible. And few people really do. Sometimes successfully. And since the topic is really comprehensive, and my thoughts - comprehensive scattered - let me conclude with this. Let there be a message to all who came to the end of the text (for which I thank you) - let the next time you read an article, buy a book or visit one of these seminars, let us be honest with ourselves - we want really to manage life you? Do we want grassroots structures in our daily life or not at all know what we want? We want you to take responsibility over their own decisions with all the possible negative consequences of this? Or is it much easier to walk on the beaten path, because there is a cozy, (relatively) safe, with minimal risks to our future prosperity. Be honest with yourself.

And something like finish. Is not very correct in a given situation disparaging to generalize that people are sheep, do not think are stupid and others far more acute insults that our mind can conceive. For no other reason but because I think each one of us at some point in their lives has done this. We were poor and we were sheep. Both times we were and leaders. This world really does not change particularly :) Be healthy.

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