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For several days I think to sit down and write something. But somehow I can not formulate scattered thoughts in my head and convince herself for a long time - they are so much written and so many people are already talking on veganism and food, what do I have to tell the world .. unlikely to be all that original, useful, unknown to people who are interested in this lifestyle.

And thinking some similar things, though I thought - here, though veganism is an integral, important part of my daily life, and was deliberately avoided by me recently as a topic of conversation with people .. Why I became interesting to write about this topic.

Hundreds, thousands, probably millions of words have been written and spoken on veganism and vegetarianism at all - a very trendy lately lifestyle that excludes animal products in our baskets consummatory, for one reason or another. And I have to admit, I am also very controversial. Hitch is explaining only offense even .. usually forums, mostly to facebook and rarely live, yet the internet is way more easier to pour complexes and emotions. So over time, chewing and chewing are the same themes are the same dispute patterns, learned reactions similar examples and charges which is in the most .. over time I began to see the sense in the presence of all these groups, but in essence it can be very helpful!

After all, that's the idea! Let's help each other to reciprocate attempt to explain human people who are not yet familiar with this way of life, as we are all gone one way or another, for one or other duration as the time ... But what noticed or word is - watching - over time is that we humans are inaccessible to a break in groups and all, to diverge in any variety of ways, even was, ostensibly united by one common cause.

I'm sure a lot of people, even my close or not so close friends and acquaintances, they passed these thoughts in my head. We have discussed it. Has been discussed many times in the forum BHS in facebook, although I did not take direct part, I've read and continue to read one Storytellers and authoritarianism, which easily could have walked away (if not disgust and) some random reader caught in a group. I want to strongly emphasize that this is not a criticism of anyone personally, nor do I want to say how those groups for nothing. On the contrary - they can be very useful and I am sure that somewhere there are wonderful, dedicated and willing to help people, regardless of whether they are vegan, vegetarian, Raw, or any "division" in the end what does it matter? But .. and here comes the big "but." If you now say "we are not people," it would be a cliche. And I realize for themselves that the open and to do broad-minded, tolerant people, it always remains even a barely noticeable whiff of intolerance and division of people who do not accept vegetarianism. I felt it in myself and try to work on that. I communicate and continue to communicate with all people and with time I realized that when zakuchi topic of veganism, the sense of resolution and mutual persuasion, simply no. Be alive and healthy, and change the subject, please. After all, there are so many other things to discuss and Storytellers!

But when people supposedly united by one idea, to live a little more human by refusing to exploit our wildlife this, otherwise, beautiful and fertile land, begin to attack and blame among themselves, it was more on a personal basis , there no longer understand it!

For people who know me and has happened several times to look at my blog, you would have understood. I am neither a nutritionist nor biologog or reference for anything in the so-called "healthy" diet. And with great irony just put these quotes, because I'm tired frankly, appear anywhere any gurus and everyone says how his way, you see, only so you can expect a long and tough, almost faultless life. Only, people, guess what - no vegan paradise.

Nachetoh on anything and I think involvement of certain individuals in virtual space bias. Trend in which we as vegans, "should" give up half food available at all because they are harmful, not to think about coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, let alone something more serious ... I'm not saying that I support all these things not to say that useful ... But I do not know why, lately I started to seriously annoy me how everywhere strikes sorts information about how bad it was!

And again I say, this is not a criticism of anyone personally. I recognize and respect the choice of each person who has enough will to live healthily maximum - choose this critical food, combining it with this sport and keep fit, thereby setting an example to others .. And I respect his choice, just because I know how much effort and will require all of this - the society in which we live! But here comes the big hole, this huge space in understanding discrepancies between mass, mass products (not just food) and separate, almost dramatic efforts of a handful of people to live on sprouts and apples, with the idea that everything is .. um, bad. As I read somewhere recently - everyone has the right to choose their own poison.

More than three years have chosen the path of veganism, only or mainly for ethical reasons. I have not ever been interested or protein, calcium, calories, GI, B12, yeast, brewer's yeast, great food and so on. And it certainly did not choose this time to fight with others, how lazy or irresponsible to live the way they have become accustomed! I would even say that they are not to blame ... blame the whole system of degenerate svraheksploatatorstvo hyperconsumerism and unnecessary things, but I do not want to enter into this topic .....

And when I see how many thematic forums on the internet, especially focusing on the aesthetic and healthy food part of it I interjected short bracket idea On this page, although I am not very regular in completing it. I love vegan food, I love it! Preparing her fills me with energy, enthusiasm, izlyuchitelno positive emotions, when you focus on color, aroma, texture ... It's true, do not do it very often, not even cook every day, but when the mood ... I know that the kitchen is my place ! I do a lot of things to do, maybe I do not want or just stiganala'm not there, but at least what I do ... I know I do it with love.

Again I will say that I'm no biologist or nutritionist. Maybe some of the things here or through my albums on facebook are away from the idea of ​​healthy plant foods, but what the hell .. I know every picture that I posted somewhere in space, how energy is loaded and I know exactly why this food is cooked ... I know better than to do it at home, just no! And I know many people who have written up, would miss my recipes because I use bread, salt, vinegar, canned products, sometimes frying or prolonged cooking ... I know that I have read comments under the pictures suggest to me how people "poison", but I do not think so! And this is because veganism is a fundamental principal, not the cause of ugly accusations on the internet. The same is it to buy a plastic McDonald's fries and fry her with you after your manuscript washed, peeled, cut, Sitting ... Yes, fried food is bad in itself, but definitely do not think it is the same too!

Because, my dear, the food is not only the elements, minerals, vitamins, or calories, the food is also attitude! I'm sure we hypothetically created a much better energy ourselves from something not so healthy or helpful at first, but made with respect at home with calm and without remorse, without I toss constant because the world in which we live ... And it is not long nor as clean nor as green as we would like. Therefore, we must find a balance.

And if not obsession, then veganism is neither strange nor want nor sectarianism in the face of others. Then everyone will see something good cook, delicious, tasty, beautiful looking dish without so much matter exactly what ingredients it contains. This is the idea of ​​this site. To find a balance. Be healthy.

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  1. vanillka

    Didi, so I like that I do not know what words to quote and share it everywhere!

    Each sentence, each! Incredibly well before the events in BHS and elsewhere ... I for one support you 1000% - vlagashlyubov to your food, homemade food, whether it be "identical" to the bought-it's priceless!

    Thanks for the nice article!

  2. Didi

    Thank you and I! I wrote what I think ... not saying I'm right :) just some observations. I know that a lot can be said on the subject, mnoooooogo. And I know that food, among other things, must bear aesthetic pleasure!
    There is a fine line between greed, gluttony, and pure desire to cook something a little more sophisticated, a little more special, colorful and properly for themselves and their loved ones. But even if they go beyond - I see no crime! Take the Italian diet - so much dough! Pizza, pasta, all kinds of pasta, plenty poured with insane amount of oil that poured more wine as of yet! But cost a romance, a love one passionate stories .. One needs to be pampered from time to time! Not all so-called random people, aphrodisiacs are products of plant origin!
    Do not drive, love! ;)

  3. Dew

    Didi, they support the idea of ​​ethical veganism :)
    I do not understand almost nothing of eating healthy, just know that I love to eat and in a healthy way for animals.
    Go Vegan!

  4. Clover Baldjieva

    Didi, you wrote perfect! One can not understand, why is it so hard for some people to just keep quiet since they can not produce useful thought and action, noo never allow such to preoccupy my attention and space, especially in the net I follow my goal and I am in balance with ourselves and others just noticed how little by little where curious where the fact that seeing a positive change in my attitude changed si.Obichayte yourself and enjoy life :))) hugs by me!

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