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A different idea for summer vacation

I'm glad when I learn that alternative ways of treatment and rest are becoming more widely used among a growing number of people. I'll admit I have a pretty low opinion of most so-called seaside resorts. Have not visit them because of kitsch in restaurants, the smell of sausages and fried fish, chalga, drunken stories discos, poor service and. lack of normal human food in a large part of the so-called restaurants.

I do not want this speech to offend anyone who has decided to visit such places, or to develop similar business, but at least for me personally, but for my close people similar picture does not fit into my ideas for the rest of Sea! That's why I'm glad that recently I met a long anticipated and now realized idea - thorough and balanced treatment of the beach that gently tells of a healthy lifestyle, combined with yoga practices, seasonal vegetarian cuisine, breathing exercises, training detoxification, raw, and much more ....

The place is a center Vita Mores, located in the resort Sveti Vlas and I still have not had the pleasure to visit, but I invite all who are able to attend the opening of 25.05. to do so, to then tell us, who are still so far from the sea :)

For more information please visit: http://vitamores.com/

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