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~ Pleased to present the e-book Daily Raw by Nadia Petrova as an idea for an innovative, healthy Christmas and New Year gift. ~

This book is written for people who love food and want to be healthy. Specialist in holistic nutritsiologiya Nadia uses all natural ingredients, while incorporating an easy way to prepare delicious and satisfying meals. Each recipe has been simplified to reduce cooking time, but contains a hint gourmet attitude to make the dish beautiful and stylish.

The book was written to help you add more raw foods to your daily life, and to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle smoother and softer.

Daily Raw is intended for electronic reading and can be purchased from here . More information about delivery can be found here .

I thank Nadia for inspiration and diligence that makes our lives a little more color, more tender and certainly much more crisp with wonderful ideas and recommendations that are in her new book, and the pages of Nature insider .

Happy holidays and stay healthy!

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