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Thick spinach sauce for pasta or potatoes


With so much spinach you can do about .. well, whatever you want. :) Give an idea of ​​sauce because I do not know how else to call it the texture you got and eventually went on tagliatelle. :)

  • fresh spinach, cleaned and washed
  • fresh mushrooms, preferably oyster
  • fresh green onions
  • rice cooking oil
  • red peppers
  • salt if desired
  • black pepper
  • natural olives

Chop spinach, peppers and mushrooms wholesale onion. Stew in enough water along with the oil and spices. Allow to cook on low heat for 7-10 minutes until spinach is tender. Finally, add the olives and some olive oil if desired.

So the resulting sauce you can use for different types of pasta, noodles or potatoes. It is recommended to be consumed warm.

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