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Thick Asian soup with tempeh and shiitake

This photo several times I've published through facebook, etc., but now I've dug and saw that I did not upload it on the site, so you do not like her. :) Not the typical soup with lots of vegetables and liquid, so it can be done with different amounts of water according to your taste and desire.

  • 1 package tempeh (usually salty, marinated in soy sauce)
  • shiitake mushrooms
  • thin rice vermicelli soup
  • herbs - mint or parsley
  • onion
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 organic vegetable broth (optional)

Cut the onions finely and saute in a little water along with spices. If you like a strong and salty flavor, add chicken stock and stir until the onion softens completely.

Add clean water, one quart of large amounts (one pot) soup and mushrooms and cook vermicelli until tender. Finally add pace to not soften much of the heat and chop finely mint or other herbs. Optionally, add a little soy sauce.


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