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Vratsa, cold

Here it comes time to spend some time in my hometown - lush and green Vratsa. Because you have my personal biases of the city and the mountain, it can not go a single post with the beauty of this place. Give you Vratsa town at the foot of the mountain in autumn and winter, when it's white, windy and cold.

I admit that I do not like the cold and during my school years I "Brala 'largest cold right at home Vratsa, where the old apartments are large, spacious and heated difficult in any way. A school still started the first hour at 7:30 am, even to this day do not know how I managed to get up out of bed in the morning to izleznem a dark and snowy streets straight to the language school.

Vratsa has a spacious central area with several old churches, which, I confess, I know nothing and never enter. As you see something every day around you and it so happens that you're going to do ignore him.

A zanayatchiynitsata with wooden ornaments, icons and souvenirs you can find handmade gifts from the old masters.

In high school I lived right next five years large central square "Hristo Botev" with a large wreath at the monument to poet and revolutionary. The place is spacious and beautiful at any time of year, because it offers a wonderful view of the mountains and famous for Vratza Vratza area where climbers train and climb sheer cliffs.

In winter usually stays in the city and snow cover large square. From the balcony of my apartment I could see the mountains and consistently square and the big black hole of the picture above, where as little thought and goblins live bogy :)

At the end of the city is easy to reach the Vratza region and to capture different paths for walks in the mountains and woods.

Nearby you can visit the trail to Zgorigrad or less away from the city by swinging roads or Okolchitsa Ledenika cave. Certainly, in the district of Vratsa has something to watch, where to go and even after so many years my favorite is interesting though as I see it the first time.

Vratsa, cold or not, this is the place you will always feel close and just "own" their ♥

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