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Vegan doner or a Bulgarian equivalent tortilla

Somewhere I read some time ago: If everyone likes what you do, you do it wrong.

Interesting statement, because everyone likes more or less when he makes a compliment when others agree and accept what is tried, in other words - ego works no matter hear it or not ;)

I am writing this because when I was released some time ago that a photo of my Sites Here in facebook , then someone had commented doner with something like: how could such a downfall, the world's only begun to be crazy, and you vegans how aggressive you .. Nothing new under the sun. And all my "aggression" was because I launched a colorful and pleasant picture of me without any description and even text. Of course, I do not expect anything I do not like it at all and I am far from the idea to "fight tooth and nail" to prove to anyone that just so you can eat and ever lived. I just wrote this man very kindly - well, if this image shows how the world is going crazy, I totally do not mind I'm NOT normal! :)

These tortillas found in Billa, if someone wants to own them, even better :) Thereafter, you can refill them with literally everything!

  • leafy green (arugula, parsley, spinach, etc.).
  • avocado
  • tofu, spices or natural
  • tomatoes, yellow cherry
  • carrot
  • lemon

Prepare mixture separately and optionally add spices and olive oil or other vegetable oil. Wrap and garnish as desired and mood! Bon Appetit!

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  1. Maleh

    But, my dear girl, do not let these ***** (like the one who was trying to teach them on facebook) to disturb your peace of mind. You are wonderful! KPa-Pre-CNA! What you write and also wonderful! Go the only way! And those bloodthirsty meratsi not receive their arguments, no nothing ... And yes, if it were up to me, I stopped everyone to eat from death, pain and suffering of other living beings, Oh, if I could only. The greatest joy and without an ounce of remorse, I would do so intolerant that stop human cruelty and irresponsibility and be aware of parts of this great system environment ...
    So ... Health and success, only to come! Do not worry about that more.

  2. Didi

    Super! Very nice and thank you very much! :)
    Otherwise, I try to be tolerant, clear to me that everyone has their opinion and try not meddle unless bother me directly, not that I think he had just remembered ..
    But if you have to be quite honest, to me it is more disgusting to me than that "normal" lifestyle - I have had by coincidence I clean the kitchen, where there were remnants of food (and stress residues because there was no real meat and other animal products), but the smell and the kind I have been so unnatural and bad that physically I conjectured. : ( Here many people would say that is fetched and replay, but it really stink and smell of death. It does not just to be nice at some point the truth will spend your eyes as diligently to hide it.
    And I so like me and my kitchen is a natural smell of oranges, apples and vegetables .. coffee and spices .. A little rough this is my response is usually, but there are those days! :) 's Health to

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